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Forums and Competitions

Babson graduate students, with the help of undergraduate participants, plan and execute a number of large-scale events that attract national and international corporations, industry experts, and students from around the world.

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Entrepreneurship Forum

Highlighting and reinforcing Babson’s reputation for global leadership in entrepreneurship, this annual event features panel sessions, business competitions, and globally renowned guest speakers.

Learn more at Babson Entrepreneurship Forum.

Latin Entrepreneurship Forum

Hosted by the Latin American Club, this forum focuses on promoting entrepreneurial opportunities in Latin America, while highlighting both the expansion of local businesses into the global arena as well as ventures from international corporations inside the region.

Learn more at Babson Latin American Forum: Changemakers in Latin America.

Babson Sustainability Forum

Representing a diverse set of sectors—including suppliers, healthcare delivery, and services—this annual industry event, hosted by the Sustainability Club, is attended by those with a broad range of job functions, such as marketing, business development, and investors.

Learn more at Babson Sustainability Forum: Embracing the Future’s Goals.

Babson India Symposium

The Babson India Symposium highlights the power of India as an emerging entrepreneurship powerhouse. By bringing together thought-leaders and entrepreneurs from India, the event highlights how culture, business, and opportunity intersect to create a space in which new business leaders in a growing economic space are created.

Learn more at Babson India Symposium: Gearing for Growth.


TEDxBabsonCollege aims to further the understanding of the ever-constant force of change and to look at change through a variety of different lenses. The planning team invites speakers from a myriad of professions and walks of life to come together and teach the valuable lesson of how to embody resilience. What aspects of life have changed the most and what does that mean for the future? What does technology look like as change accelerates exponentially? Change is everywhere and we want TEDxBabsonCollege to prepare attendees to not only see change but be change.

Learn more at TEDxBabsonCollege.