Clubs and Organizations

Babson offers more than just academics to our students.

Did you know that each year, Babson College students join more than 80 clubs and organizations? Some of the clubs and organizations have a long history with Babson, while others are just starting to leave their mark. Check out a current list of clubs and organizations at Engage.Babson.Edu. 



Benefits of registered student clubs and organizations include:

  • Eligible for funding from the Student Government Association
  • Receive support from the Student Activities and Leadership Staff
  • Utilize campus transportation for sponsored, off-campus events
  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Invitations to attend leadership training sessions and conferences
  • Reserve space on campus for meetings and events 
  • Use of organizational space
  • Market and promote events campus-wide and lots more!

Here are the basic steps in starting a new student organization:

  • To begin, you need to have a commitment from at least eight undergraduate students who will assist you in starting up the organization.
  • Once you have generated interest for your organization, you must have a faculty or staff member who is willing to serve as your advisor.
  • Submit a new student organization application on Engage.Babson. Edu to start the registration process.

All policy forms for student organizations can be found at