Chaplaincy at Babson

The Multifaith team is comprised of chaplains from the Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant faiths; however they serve the entire Babson Community. Our chaplains aim to strengthen faith and spiritual identities, provide space for interfaith discussion, and address current social and religious challenges in the world. Our Chaplain team are also Title IX Confidential Resources. A diverse team of intellectual thinkers, social influencers and moral leaders, the Chaplains are here to support and care for the individual and collective.

There are many reasons to meet and talk with a chaplain, here are a few:

  • Spiritual Guidance & Direction
  • Faith, Religious, & Moral Questions
  • Deeper Understanding of Sacred Texts
  • Identity
  • Relationships
  • Pastoral Counseling & Crisis
  • Dealing with Transitions and Unexpected Events

Please check out our Meet the Staff page for more information and our Facebook page.  


 Chaplains at Baccalaureate



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