Glavin Family Chapel

Named to honor the family of William F. Glavin, ninth president of Babson College, the Glavin Family Chapel serves the diverse spirituality of the community.

Glavin Chapel

The Glavin Family Chapel is a sanctuary for Babson community members to practice their religious faith, seek inspiration and guidance, and find peace in the quiet of a sacred place. The chapel welcomes people of all faiths, cultures, and traditions.

There is a rare mix of visibility and seclusion in the chapel, qualities that for many are inherent in the real yet intangible nature of spirituality. From College Drive, the chapel, constructed from granite and elemental in nature, is a prominent sight. As one ascends the stone steps, there is an unequivocal sense of tranquility in the natural setting on a sloping hillside nearing the edge of the main campus. Inside the chapel, the clear glass walls allow a metaphysical connection between the spiritual sanctuary inside and the world outside.‚Äč

History of the Glavin Family Chapel

Prior to the construction of the chapel, the Coleman globe and Trim Dining Hall were used as places of religious and spiritual worship on campus. When William F. Glavin joined the Babson community as president in 1989, he and his wife, Cis Glavin, were surprised to learn that Babson College had no formal place of worship on campus. As fundraising for the chapel project began, the Glavins were significant contributors to the project.

The Glavin Family Chapel was constructed in 1997. Within the chapel, a 40-foot-high space provides a nondenominational sanctuary for gatherings of 150 people. Two solid walls of granite face toward the busy campus center, while two walls of glass open the sanctuary toward the light-filled wooded area beyond.