It’s a skill you will see listed on many college and job applications, with good reasons.

Being a bold, people-first, smart leader is an invaluable skill and something you need in all stages of your career. Our leadership concentration provides a basic understanding of the role and impact of the leader, how the leader adds value to organizations and society, and how to lead in specific contexts.

Through coursework, group projects, experiential learning, and presentations, you grow your ability to communicate, to inspire others, to lead an ethical decision-making process toward ethical outcomes, to lead in a diverse world, to influence others, and to negotiate. This will leave you particularly suited for leadership roles in businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, family firms, non-profits, and politics.

Course Spotlight

MOB 3512 – Leadership

The concentration is built around this aptly (and broadly) named course. It explores what leadership skills and perspectives you bring as an individual. Touted as a “transformative” course by faculty, it’s a chance to focus on your professional development and try your hand at real leadership simulations and situations.

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