January Enrollment: College Spring Admission

The January enrollment option allows students to explore and pursue their passions in the fall semester and to begin their Babson experience in January for the spring semester.

In addition to the roughly 600 students that Babson enrolls each fall, Babson also enrolls 100 first-year students who begin their studies in January. These “January Admits” enroll in core foundation courses in the spring semester alongside classmates who enter in September. January Admits take Babson’s signature course Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) in the fall semester of the same year they enroll. These 100 first-year students may elect to take courses in the Summer Session after their first semester, or following their third full semester at Babson. Students enrolling in January typically complete their education in December following 8 semesters of coursework.

In their fall semester prior to enrolling at Babson, January Admits are free to explore a number of opportunities that may include foreign travel, volunteer work, internship employment, or a variety of other options. This additional time before entering Babson College allows them to pursue their passions in an unrestricted way.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission and the Office of Academic Services encourage students admitted for January to engage in experiences outside of the traditional collegiate environment in the fall. If January Admits elect to take college coursework at a different institution in their fall semester before enrolling at Babson, the courses may or may not be eligible to transfer to the College (unless otherwise indicated in the offer of admission). The Office of Academic Services staff will counsel and assist students interested in January enrollment once admitted to the college. International students also should consult with Babson prior to selecting a January semester program to ensure that the program can support a student’s immigration status.

Spring Admission Deadline

Students who are interested in being considered for January enrollment at the time of admission should highlight this in their applications to Babson. We will consider requests for January enrollment in all of our admission rounds: Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular DecisionThere is no separate spring admission deadline.

In the six months after graduation, I lived in California. Being on my own, 3,000 miles away from home, opened my mind and perspective on life. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. And, it could change others’ lives if they take full advantage of it.
– Hanson Grant ’16
During the six months after graduation, I left my home in Kenya and went to Boston to take classes. The courses I took allowed me to understand the difference between my education at home and in the United States. I know that I will never again have such a great opportunity to reflect, make mistakes, and gain a better understanding of myself.
– Kripa Shroff ’16

Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Admission

Babson deeply values the residential learning experience for new college students. The dynamic nature of learning at Babson, with options for education abroad, semester-long internships, and accelerated graduation, opens up space in our residence halls that provide us with the opportunity to admit talented students to join our community. January Enrollment brings approximately 100 new students to campus in the spring semester with unique, extended experiences after high school who add to the excitement and energy to our community.

A wide range of things. Some students admitted in January work to save money and then travel. Others pursue service opportunities or internships. The following is a short sampling of some activities pursued by recent January Admits:

  • Learned Swift computer programming language to build iOS apps
  • Interned in an Accounting Department
  • Enrolled in two classes as a non-degree-seeking student
  • Interned at the hedge fund
  • Participated in a self-organized foreign exchange with my friend from France

January Admits will take the normal course load of all first semester students. A normal course load for a first semester student is 16 credits. January Admits will take classes with all first-year classmates, choosing among core courses that include Financial Accounting, Business Law, Rhetoric, Quantitative Methods, and the Liberal Arts Foundation course. For more details on the curriculum, students are encouraged to check out the Babson Undergraduate Curriculum by Course (pdf) document. In addition, January Admits are assigned a class dean who helps answer any questions they may have prior to course registration.


January Admits will take the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) course in the Fall and Spring semesters following the January they started at Babson. FME is not offered in the summer session.

January Admits have the opportunity and are encouraged to get involved with clubs and organizations in their first semester. At the January Orientation program, students will be given all the information on how to get involved so you can assimilate quickly with the Babson community.

Students enrolling in January will complete their education in December following 8 semesters of coursework. Students have the opportunity to accelerate their degree by attending the summer sessions and/or taking an additional course during the semester. Students can develop an individualized plan with their class dean once you arrive at Babson.

According to Babson’s Undergraduate Center for Career Development, there are advantages (from the job seeker’s perspective) to graduating in December. Many employers don’t operate on an academic calendar, and seek talented graduates earlier than commencement in May. January Admits have the flexibility to start full-time work in January or wait until another start date throughout the year.

January First Year students are required to live on campus for their first semester. Placements will be with another new arrival or with a student who has been on, or is returning to, campus.

No. The admissions committee strives for consistency in its assessment standards and a student’s preference is simply another piece of information for use by the admission staff.


No. Being admitted in January is a full admission to the College community. We choose our January Admits because we see in them students who will wisely use time between high school graduation and their studies at Babson. Students admitted in January tend to be highly energetic leaders in their school communities or students who have already sought unconventional and creative opportunities in their high school careers. January Admits typically come to Babson ready to “hit the ground running.”

For Early Decision applicants who are deferred to the Regular Decision applicant pool, it is possible that they will be offered January admission even if they have not indicated that preference or willingness. In this case, admission is no longer binding and students are not required to attend Babson in the January term.

No. January Admits are chosen from the same applicant pool as September students and all students are notified of their admission at the same time. Students may indicate on their application materials their preference for starting in January, but this is ultimately a decision made by the Undergraduate Office of Admission. Some students who indicate an interest in September may be offered a place in our January class. Many applicants now tell us they'd prefer to be “January Admits,” and some even outline their plans for the fall in their applications.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

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