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Babson Black Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Babson College’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) is pleased to offer the Black Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (BWEL) program, a virtual action tank designed by and for Black women entrepreneurial leaders to provide an experience and the resources to propel their businesses and professional growth forward.

  • Sisterhood: Experience the extraordinary power of the community by connecting with other black women entrepreneurs and allies
  • Babson’s World-Renowned Pedagogy: Expand your revenue opportunity by following a successful entrepreneurial framework
  • Global Network
  • Expert Mentoring and Coaching: Accelerate your entrepreneurial growth by learning from top industry Masterminds and maximize your personal effectiveness by collaborating with Business Success Coaches
  • BWEL’s Resource Guide
  • On-Demand Learning

Why we started this program:

The disparity between minority and non-minority women is increasing.  In 2019, minority-owned businesses averaged $65,800 in revenue, compared to non-minority Women-owned businesses which averaged $218,800.  The disparity has an enormous effect on the U.S. economy.  Four million new jobs and $981 billion in revenue would be added if the average revenue of minority women-owned firms matched that of white women-owned businesses.

Black women-owned businesses made up the highest rate of growth after non-minority women.   However, the number of new job creation and revenue was the lowest amount of all women-owned businesses.  In 2019, the average revenue for Black women-owned businesses was $24,000.

With increasing awareness of the unique challenges Black women face with being an entrepreneur, BWEL was created with the goal of providing entrepreneurial leadership education, coaching, a global network, a resource business guide, and a peer community.   

Testimonial -Krystle Rodriguez“My BWEL experience was one of a kind. The education, support, and candor throughout the course are unlike any other program I have been a part of it. Even with the size of the group, it always felt intimate, and I have met other Black female entrepreneurs I know I will continue to have relationships with in the future, both professional and personal- Krystle U. Rodriguez, Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

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To learn more about the BWEL program, please contact our team at bwel@babson.edu