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F&E CWEL events and programs are open to all students, but for those who wish to commit more deeply to the community and their professional development, we offer the selective F&E CWEL Fellows and Scholars program.

F&E CWEL Fellows and Scholars serve as ambassadors of the F&E CWEL mission. They are dedicated to creating a vibrant, supportive community of peers and making their mark as entrepreneurial leaders in any field they choose. As a contributing member of the F&E CWEL community, you will gain access to engaging events, expanded networks of support, and customized learning experiences, such as the F&E CWEL Pathway, to combine your business savvy with passion and purpose. 

Apply to become a F&E CWEL Fellow 

F&E CWEL Fellows are Babson students of all identities and all class years selected based on their demonstrated leadership potential, commitment to prioritize the requirements of the F&E CWEL Pathway, and dedication to empowering themselves and others through inclusive entrepreneurial leadership.

Enroll in F&E CWEL Pathways as a Scholar

F&E CWEL and Women's Leadership Scholars have been awarded a four-year, quarter-tuition, merit scholarship to Babson College in recognition of their academic achievement and demonstrated leadership. Candidates for the scholarship are evaluated and selected upon admission using the information in their applications and a rigorous interview process.

F&E CWEL Scholars (Classes of 2022 & 2023) gain automatic access to the F&E CWEL Pathway, while Women's Leadership Scholars (Classes of 2024 & 2025) may enroll to become a F&E CWEL Fellow and begin the F&E CWEL Pathway program together without submitting additional application requirements. 

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The F&E CWEL Scholars program is the reason why I came to Babson and has proven its value to my leadership development time and time again - through mentorship programs, networking opportunities, communication skills, and more. F&E CWEL has given me the skills and confidence to take on new challenges and push myself to succeed in every endeavor. I would not be the leader I am today without the F&E CWEL Scholars program.

- Shae Eldridge ‘18