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Welcome to F&E CWEL Pathways


Who is eligible to apply to the F&E F&E F&E CWEL Pathways program?

Undergraduate students from all class years and identities at Babson College are eligible to apply to become a F&E CWEL Fellow to access the F&E CWEL Pathway.

What is a F&E CWEL Fellow?

The F&E CWEL Fellow title is reserved for those actively participating in or that have successfully completed the F&E CWEL Pathways program. F&E CWEL Fellows are selected for their leadership potential, commitment to the program, and dedication to advancing themselves and others.

What is a digital badge?

Upon completion of the F&E CWEL Pathway, students are issued a digital badge in Inclusive Entrepreneurial Leadership. The badge serves as a visual micro-credential validating credibility, competencies covered, and earning requirements of the program. Students may display this badge on their LinkedIn, resumes, or other digital signatures. Combined with the online portfolio, the digital badge allows employees to view real examples of a student's proven leadership potential, self-drive for continued personal and professional growth, and commitment to serve as an inclusive entrepreneurial leader. 

How long does it take to complete the program and earn the badge? 

Badge completion requires reflections drawn from Babson course work, events, and experiences occurring over 2 - 4 academic years. The program offers flexibility to allow you to build a portfolio that tells your unique Babson story and showcase your strongest learning narratives. We work with first-year sophomores and junior students to create an action plan, so they may set viable goals for completion. Students entering the program in their senior years may curate past experiences, to complete the path at an accelerated pace. 

Do employers really care about a badge? 

Yes, they do, but it is not just simply seeing a badge on your resume or LinkedIn that they care about. It is the powerful experiences you gain at Babson and showcase in the Pathways program, and how you tell YOUR story that is behind that badge. It is about learning to identify and leverage opportunities that demonstrate your unique strengths and skills, the practice of inward reflection and growth through the process, and is about delivering a professional narrative, with real examples, on what you can bring to the table for employers. Joining the F&E CWEL Fellows and Scholars community also gives you the chance to explore career paths, new ways to lead, and build meaningful relationships with employers, alumni, and peers.  

What platform is used to manage my e-portfolio and Pathways requirements?

Your F&E CWEL Pathway is hosted on The Folio Network, an integrated part of Babson’s Canvas Learning Management Platform, and is in partnership with The Hoffman Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD). The Folio Network allows you to showcase all your achievements, projects, and competencies with evidence to wow employers and grow your network. When you leave Babson, your Folio and badges follow, so you can continue to add to your story as you gain new skills and experiences. Access Folios

Is completion of the Pathways program required for F&E CWEL Scholars?

Students who were granted the Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholarship upon entering Babson in the fall of 2018 and 2019, are required to actively participate in the F&E CWEL Scholars/Fellows event requirements, but may elect to complete the F&E CWEL Pathways program.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to? 

To learn more about the F&E CWEL Pathways program, you may email F&E CWEL or schedule F&E CWEL Student Office Hours