Bloomberg Businessweek ranked Babson College 24th out of the 50 Top B-Schools with the Best Financial Aid.

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Bloomberg Businessweek ranked Babson College 24th out of the 50 Top B-Schools with the Best Financial Aid.

Babson College was ranked 24th by Bloomberg Businessweek’s Top Business Schools with Best Financial Aid for undergraduate education The ranking focused on the total amount of financial aid awarded and number of students covered by financial aid, specifically looking at institutional scholarships and grants awarded by the colleges.


Babson College Financial Aid Information:

• Average Institutional Grants: $ 25,655

• Costs Covered by Grants: 47%

• Students Receiving Grants: 49%

• Business Students with Full-Tuition Scholarships: 5%


The schools were chosen from Bloomberg Businessweek’s list of top 50 undergraduate business programs. The methodology behind the ranking was based on two main equally-weighted factors: the percentage of costs covered by financial aid and the number of students receiving the aid in 2010-2011. Scholarships and grants are regarding self-reported information for years 2011-2012 from the schools. Other data is from the National Center for Education Statistics.

“Babson College understands that the world needs innovative solutions and visionary leaders who can execute effectively to create economic and social value everywhere through Entrepreneurial Though and Action®. Our students are some of the best in the world and our financial aid package is an important factor in their decision to attend our College. We are proud to be ranked among the top 25 schools in providing our undergraduate students the financial aid they need,” said Professor Robert Halsey, Interim Undergraduate Dean.


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