Babson Fellows Program for Entrepreneurship Researchers

April 15-19, 2020

Program Cost: $4,600

The Babson Fellows Program for Entrepreneurship Researchers is designed for recent PhD graduates, post-docs or junior faculty from any disciplinary background who are in the process of developing their publication track record in entrepreneurship.

This program will be a transformational opportunity led by world-renowned entrepreneurship researchers Professor Candida Brush, F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Vice Provost of Global Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Professor William Gartner, Bertarelli Foundation Distinguished Professor of Family Entrepreneurship. They will immerse you in the process of developing a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship research while building writing skills for publications in scholarly entrepreneurship journals. 

As a Babson Fellow, you will gain a better understanding of the landscape of entrepreneurship research including the history, methodology, and research opportunities. You'll be coached in writing for scholarly entrepreneurship journals and receive feedback from peers and a panel of editors and other internationally recognized entrepreneurship scholars. In our Babson Fellows Program for Entrepreneurship Researchers you will have access to faculty mentors and have the benefit of working in small groups. 


This 4 day experience on the Babson College campus includes a mix of seminar discussions and writing workshop time. Topics such as the history and landscape of entrepreneurship research, current research themes, writing the introduction, working with co-authors, and the review process will all be discussed. As a Babson Fellow you will leave with a 6 month action plan that prepares you for a webinar presentation to the group, a finished paper to a journal for submission and a network of like minded scholars with a passion to better the world through entrepreneurship. 

Prepare, Participate and Publish 

Session topics you will encounter:

  • The History and Landscape of Entrepreneurship Research
  • Writing the Introduction
  • General Methodology Researchers Need To Address
  • Writing Workshops
  • Reviewer Workshops
  • Preparing Your 6 month Plan

Questions? Email Babson Academy


Applicants will complete a short questionnaire regarding their status, research published, present summary of research in progress and why they want to attend the program. Also need to provide:

  • CV (All materials must be submitted in English)
  • Working Paper 
  • Recommendation from Dean, Department Chair or Supervisor
  • Acknowledgement of the Babson Fellows Program for Entrepreneurship Researchers support for the paper participant submits to any scholarly publication. 


Candida Brush - Prof. Brush is one of the early pioneers in entrepreneurship research, and conducted one of the first and largest studies in the US. She has co-authored reports for OECD, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and the Goldman Sachs Foundation, and presented her work at the World Economics Forum in Davos and the US Department of Commerce. Professor Brush has authored more than 160 publications in entrepreneurship, including 13 books, over 22 book chapters and is one of the most highly cited researchers in the field. Read More»

William Gartner - Prof. Gartner is the Bertarelli Foundation Distinguished Professor of Family Entrepreneurship. His research and teaching focuses on the characteristics, skills and practices of successful entrepreneurial families. He is the 2005 winner of the Swedish Entrepreneurship foundation International Award for outstanding contributions to entrepreneurship and small business research. He authored the book, Entrepreneurship as Organizing-Selected Papers of William B. Gartner. Read More»


When is the program held? Wednesday, April 15 - Sunday, April 19, 2020

Who should attend? Recent PhD graduates, Post-Docs or Junior Faculty who are in the process of developing their publication track record in entrepreneurship. Participants may come from any disciplinary background but have a goal of publishing research in entrepreneurship in scholarly entrepreneurship journals. 

What does the cost of the program cover? Cost includes program materials, accommodations and meals at the award winning Babson Executive Conference Center from Wednesday, April 15 at 6pm to Sunday, April 19 at 12pm. There will be a Welcome Reception on Wednesday at 6pm. The program begins at 8:30am on Thursday and ends at 12pm Sunday, lunch to follow. All participants will receive a certificate of completion. Babson Executive Conference Center is located at One Synder Drive, Wellesley, MA 02457, +1 781-239-4000.