Graduate Programs

Delivering the CWEL value proposition to graduate students.

CWEL offers targeted events and programs that meet the unique developmental needs of our graduate students at this critical stage of their careers. In addition to our robust menu of mentoring, gender acumen, and educational programs, CWEL provides partnership and resources to student-led organizations across campus in order to ensure that they have the tools and networks needed as future leaders in the business world.

CWEL Graduate Mentor Program

CWEL recognizes that mentoring relationships are critical for career development and success in today's complex work environment. Each spring we pair graduate students of all genders with senior-level professionals for one-on-one mentoring experience, designed to educate our students on the value of developmental relationships and empower them to build a personal board of coaches, sponsors, and mentors. Learn more.

CWEL Circles

Targeted to our graduate community, CWEL Circles offers a weekly opportunity for students to exchange ideas, get advice, and build their network with senior-level professionals in a casual, small group mentoring format. Learn more.


The Babson Association for Women MBAs (BAWMBA) is a student-led organization providing opportunities to build networks, participate in mentorship programs, and attend events with the goal of encouraging the advancement of women in leadership roles. ​

WIN Lab Intensity Track

Launched in 2017, this academic track offers current Babson MBA students the opportunity to gain course credit for the intensive women's accelerator experience offered by the WIN Lab. Throughout the program, women entrepreneurs will transform into CEOs through rigorous entrepreneurship coursework, applied experiences, mentoring, and milestone achievements designed to move early-stage ventures from prototype to successful launch and growth. For information about the WIN Lab Intensity Track, please contact Kara Miller 


For more information about our graduate student programs and how to get involved, please contact Valerie Paquette,