The Babson Women’s Leadership Academy

The Babson Women’s Leadership Academy

We are currently working on our Spring 2021 offering. If you're interested in being notified when that launches, please head here and we will be sure to get in touch!

Babson College’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership is pleased to offer the Babson Women’s Leadership Academy (BWLA), giving women-identifying high school students the opportunity to develop their personal leadership strengths, increase their confidence around communication, and build a plan to reach their goals. 

Additionally, students will be able to start preparing for the college admissions process by writing a personal statement that can be used for the common application, learning more about the college admissions journey, and talking to current undergraduate women who can share their own college experiences.

BWLA high-school participants join the program with a wide range of goals that they'd like to begin working on. Whether they’re interested in running for student council, taking on a leadership position, looking for an internship, or want to start a business, the BWLA will give them a framework to map out what they want to achieve and a better sense of the skills and network they already have in order to get there, while pushing them to take at least two steps towards that goal.


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This program has shown aspects of who I am that I have not seen before. I am more confident 
in coming out of my comfort zone and communicating with others. Thank you for all the wonderful guest speakers and peer mentors. I had a wonderful experience!
- Women’s Leadership Academy Participant, Age 17, Arlington Texas


What You’ll Walk Away With

At the completion of this program, you will walk away with a plan and a new set of tools and knowledge that will move you towards accomplishing the goals you have right now. Those include: 


  • A plan to reach your own personal goals. That plan will be built on a repeatable process to overcome challenges and take small steps forward, which can be used no matter what you try and achieve next!
  • A new understanding of the unique strengths that YOU bring to the table and how to develop them to become a more impactful and authentic leader at your school, on your team, or in your community.
  • A map of your network and plan on how you can leverage it to reach your next goal!
  • A greater understanding of how gender can impact team dynamics and leadership opportunities.
  • Learning from near-peer and experienced role models who have been there done that. 
  • Understanding how to lead and collaborate with peers while managing conflict in teams.
  • An expanded network of peers, experts, friends, and role models.


  • New communication tools to increase your influence and self-advocacy, while making you more comfortable presenting to groups.
  • A new framework for public speaking that you can use in different situations like class presentations and speeches.
  • Greater confidence that comes with practice. You will have a lot of opportunities to speak up in groups (both large and small), present, and get feedback. 



For those students who are looking to apply to college, we are now including opportunities to engage with our admissions counselor and undergraduate students, while preparing for the application:

  • A self-reflection statement communicating your strengths and interests, which can be developed and adapted for the common college application.
  • A new understanding of the college experience by meeting with near-peer undergraduate women who can answer your questions about the search and application process, and what life is like as an undergrad.
  • Information on the college search and application journey from our college admissions counselor, including when to start looking, when to reach out for recommendations, and when to apply!

Interested in Learning More?

Have additional questions about the Babson Women’s Leadership Academy? Reach out to Program Director Ashley Lucas.


Built by Babson’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership

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As the first center ever focused on women entrepreneurial leaders at a business school, CWEL is one of the most visible and important ways Babson supports women. We work diligently to create opportunities for our students and stakeholders, while creating award-winning programs for the larger business ecosystem.

In 2017, the college was named the number 1 school for women entrepreneurs who want to change the world thanks to CWEL’s diverse programming, exclusive events, access to cutting-edge experts, and hands-on coaching that impacts a diverse set of stakeholders from around the world.

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