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Family Entrepreneurship Courses

MBA Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier and Intensity Track 2020-2021

The Intensity Track is designed for MBA students from entrepreneurial families to have a structured pathway, combining academic and co-curricular programming, that enables them to leverage their family entrepreneurship legacy to chart their own path. The Priority Application Deadline is June 17th, 2020.

The requirements to complete the Intensity Track are:

(1) Required Capstone

EPS7101 Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier Course (3 credits | Spring)
The Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier Course engages entrepreneurial families during their students’ entire Babson experience. Under the guidance of the lead professors, who are experts in the field of Family Entrepreneurship, students explore, with their parents, various aspects of their family’s entrepreneurial legacy. More often than not, these conversations, though crucial to the successful transfer of entrepreneurship to the next generation, do not happen naturally. Offered only at Babson, the Amplifier Course’s immersive experience fosters the growth of the family’s entrepreneurial legacy by co-creating a shared family vision that engages the next generation. This program runs in the spring of 2021 for 3 credits. Spaces are limited.

(2) Recommended Family Entrepreneurship Courses

(a) EPS7556-E01 Foundations of Family Entrepreneurship (Gartner | 3 credits | Spring)
The Foundations of Family Entrepreneurship Course provides a broad overview of topics that are relevant to understanding the nature and dynamics of entrepreneurial families. It covers such topics as; defining family entrepreneurship versus family business, identifying the pervasiveness of family entrepreneurship and its economic and social contributions, governance and succession in entrepreneurial families, the management of change and transgenerational value creation, conflict management, and the development and allocation of financial and human assets.

(b) EPS 9551-01 Critical Questions Facing Family Business (Habbershon | 1.5 credits | Fall intensive)
The Critical Questions Facing Business Families Course helps students move from a parent-child to a professional-peer relationship with their parents. Topics of discussion include: how to build relationship capital in the family, living with your family history, understanding the goals for effective communication, developing next stage communication skills, learning to have hard conversations, how to stop acting like a child, how to get your parents to start acting like a peer, giving and taking feedback in the family, creating a self-coaching family team, creating sibling unity, having successful family meetings, etc.

(c) EPS 9553-01 Family Business to Next Stage of Growth (Habbershon | 1.5 credits | Spring Intensive)
The Family Business to the Next stage of Growth Course explores the challenges and complexity of growth in the generational context of the family. The course also includes a "family retreat" that provides personalized coaching to students and their families. The goal is to stimulate deeper personal and professional reflection, facilitate peer collegial conversation, set students up for collaborative decision making in the family, and lead to an action plan for execution by the students on their goals.

(3) Recommended: Join a Peer Forum

Amplifier students will benefit from joining a Peer Forum group -- a unique platform for students who come from a family entrepreneurship background to share their concerns and challenges in the zone of personal-family-business that they cannot discuss anywhere else. The group meets once per month throughout the academic year, each forum consists of a group of 8 students and a Babson mentor who serves as both a moderator and an advisor. Apply HERE.

(4) Priority Access: IFE Mentorship Program and Expert Office Hours

  • Mentorship Program: Amplifier students will receive priority matches with mentors from a family entrepreneurship background in an industry or geographic region of interest to the student. Mentors meet with mentees twice a semester over the academic year.
  • Expert Office Hours: Amplifier students will receive priority sign-up to meet one-on-one with family entrepreneurship experts for advice ranging from growing and turning around a family business to tech transformations in a family business.

(5) Attend at least 1 activity/event that is relevant to your family entrepreneurship journey at the Babson Entrepreneurship Centers.

  • The Institute for Family Entrepreneurship (IFE): E.g., Networking by Industry; Live Case Studies; Family Entrepreneurship Week
  • The Lewis Institute: E.g., Impact Unplugged; Financing the Future; Sustainable Innovation; Community Tables; EdTech Space
  • Blank Center for Entrepreneurship: E.g., How 2 Tuesdays; LaunchPad
  • Center for Women’s Leadership (CWEL): E.g., Disruption Dinner, Dean’s Gender Series, CWEL Circles, WIN Workshops

(6) End of Year Reflection

Students will submit written answers to a few questions to reflect on their journey over the past year, and will have the opportunity discuss with fellow Amplifier classmates how the past year has shaped their thinking and actions around family entrepreneurship.