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Graduate Learning

In addition to the student programs we offer, MBA students can opt for our Family Entrepreneurship Intensity Track. Graduate students can also take the individual Family Entrepreneurship courses listed below, whether or not they're taking the Intensity Track.

MBA Family Entrepreneurship Intensity Track

The Intensity Track is designed for MBA students from entrepreneurial families to have a structured pathway, combining academic and co-curricular programming, that enables them to leverage their family entrepreneurship legacy to chart their own path. 

(1) Required Capstone

Students need to complete one Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier capstone course. Offered this spring will be::

Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier: Transforming Your Family Business (1.5 credits | Spring)
In this independent study course, students will work with IFE Nulsen Family Executive Director Lauri Union and learn how to apply her Collaborative Organizational Transformation process to their family business. Lauri has used this technique to transform family businesses, including her own, from poorly performing to achieving aspirational goals. Students will engage directly with their families in this process to create stronger relationships and a shared vision for moving the business forward, while establishing practical next steps for the business itself.

Lauri is an expert at family business turnarounds and transformation. At the age of 27, she became CEO of her family business, a deeply troubled manufacturer of building products. Lauri grew the company significantly – from $9MM to over $110 MM in revenue and led it to become an industry leader. She also led the turnaround of a more than $200MM revenue  family business in the food industry from severe distress to stability and profitability in just 12 months.

Students will need to submit an independent study form before classes resume in January in order to participate. Limited spaces available. Please email Lauri Union at if you are interested in this course.

(2) Required: Join a Peer Forum

Peer Forum — one of our most impactful programs -- is a student's lifetime confidential personal board of advisors. Students join a group of 8 peers and a Babson mentor once a month to share and learn from one another — and ultimately develop social-emotional skills to succeed in the zone of person-family-business. Undergraduate and graduate students can take PF for credit or as a co-curricular program. Learn more and apply HERE.

(3) Recommended Family Entrepreneurship Course

EPS7556-E01 Foundations of Family Entrepreneurship (Gartner | 3 credits | Spring)
The Foundations of Family Entrepreneurship Course provides a broad overview of topics that are relevant to understanding the nature and dynamics of entrepreneurial families. It covers such topics as; defining family entrepreneurship versus family business, identifying the pervasiveness of family entrepreneurship and its economic and social contributions, governance and succession in entrepreneurial families, the management of change and transgenerational value creation, conflict management, and the development and allocation of financial and human assets.

(4) Required: Attend at least 1 activity/event that is relevant to your family entrepreneurship journey at the Babson Entrepreneurship Centers.

  • The Institute for Family Entrepreneurship (IFE): E.g., IFE Virtual Forums, Networking by Industry; Live Case Studies; Family Entrepreneurship Week
  • The Lewis Institute: E.g., Impact Unplugged; Financing the Future; Sustainable Innovation; Community Tables; EdTech Space
  • Blank Center for Entrepreneurship: E.g., How 2 Tuesdays; LaunchPad
  • Center for Women’s Leadership (CWEL): E.g., Disruption Dinner, Dean’s Gender Series, CWEL Circles, WIN Workshops

(5) Required: End of Year Reflection

Students will submit a written piece to reflect on their journey over the past year, with a focus on how it has shaped their thinking and actions around family entrepreneurship.