The Cutler Center supports the Finance Division’s offering of rigorous, state-of-the-art programs of study in finance at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The faculty’s practical approach to education is enhanced by authentic experiences, hands-on learning, and practical application. The Cutler Center provides Babson students with unique opportunities to learn, build valuable skills, and lead outside of the classroom through the following experiential learning programs:


Babson College Fund

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The Babson College Fund (BCF) is an accredited course in which specially selected students from both the undergraduate and graduate schools manage $5 million of the Babson College endowment. The program is for highly self-motivated individuals with a strong interest in finance and investments. Participation requires a two-semester commitment.

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Cutler Center Mentor Program

The Cutler Center mentor program matches undergraduate and graduate students with industry professionals from across the world of finance. Mentors are paired with a student majoring in finance to enhance the student’s network, helping to develop their career path, and providing advice, guidance, and feedback. 

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Babson Trading Competition 

Tyson Corner

The 11th annual Babson Trading Competition, sponsored by Fidelity Investments, welcomed Babson undergraduate and graduate students to compete against one another using the Rotman Interactive Trader software, which simulates an order-driven market. Cash prizes were awarded to the top three finishers! 

Prior to the start of the competition, students got to hear from Babson alumni Ken Martin, Janis Voldins, and Marco Gargurevich discuss their roles and responsibilities at Fidelity Investments, while also answering questions from students. 

Sales & Trading Competition:

1st place - Tyson Corner '22

2nd place - Alexander Bowers '25

3rd place - Gabriel Papa '22

Rotman International Trading Competition

The Cutler Center sponsors students who participate in the Rotman International Trading Competition. Babson has an impressive track record including winning the competition in 2009 and placing second in 2007 and 2010.

The Rotman International Trading Competition is an annual event that brings teams of students and their faculty advisors from universities worldwide to participate in a unique 3-day simulated market challenge. Teams are invited to participate in various activities including electronic and outcry trading cases, seminars with industry practitioners, and social events with their fellow competitors from around the world.

Babson College placed 22nd out of 45 teams 
Team Members: Benjamin Norris, Alexandra Tutecky, Tyson Corner, and Abitamim Bharmal

Babson College placed 4th out of 47 teams. Babson also placed first in the Liquidity Risk case, which included a $1,000 prize!  
Team Members: Sarah (Xinran) Wang, Alexander Spinnell, Harry (Chen Lin) Liu, Ian Jurkiewicz, and Benjamin Norris  

Babson College placed 9th out of 52 teams.
Team Members: Elena Yang, Duska Glidden, Srivatsa Rajan Swaminathan, Alexander Spinnell, and John Regan 

Babson College placed 13th out of 52 teams.
Team Members: Elena Yang, Meiwei Luo, James Jackson, Mohnish Mehta, and Victor Cesar Mantovani Dias Gomes

Team Members: Christopher Bruno, Thomas Lin, Connor Chin, Yineng Fan, David St. Peter, Yanchuan Cai

Team Members: Aditya Sastry, Inder Majumdar, Romil Motwani, Philip Dunay, Christopher Bruno, Jon Kohlmeier

Team Members: Romil Motwani, Christopher Bruno, Ajay Palekar, Jon Kohlmeier, Yerim Kim

Babson College placed 20th out of 52 teams.
Team Members: Dineth Siriwardane, Robert Sternberg, Michael Winter, Walker Smith, Maria Pereda Ehrlich, Eric Echelmeyer

Team Members: Michael Winter, Kush Patel, Robert Sternberg, Dineth Siriwardane

Babson College placed 20th overall out of 50 teams.
Team Members: Khanh Ngo, Sam Wear, Karan Vazirani, Joel Bonina  

Babson College finished 2nd out of 44 teams. 
Team Members: Eric Drozdov, Tom Klein, Estelle Vaysburd, Khanh Ngo

Babson College WINS!    
Team Members: Howard Soyfer, Gilbert Li, Serge Suchkov, Eric Drozdov

Babson College placed 7th out of 34 teams.   
Team Members: Howard Soyfer, Noj Zachariah, Jeff Liguori, David Peltier

Babson College placed 2nd out of  33 teams. 
Team Members: Brian Dixon, Nick Kyprianou, Eric Mara, YooBee Yun

CFA Institute Research Challenge

2019 CFA Research Challenge

The Cutler Center sponsors students who participate in the CFA Institute Research Challenge. Babson has an impressive track record including winning the local competition in 2017, 2019, and 2021, while winning the global competition in 2007. 

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides graduate and undergraduate students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis and professional ethics. Working in teams along with a Faculty Advisor and Industry Mentor, students gain real-world experience as they assume the role of research analysts and are judged by a group of industry experts on their ability to value a stock, write a research report, and present their recommendations. 

CFA Institute Research Challenge - Local Championship Wins


Team Members: Alexa Tutecky ‘21, Vladimir (Manny) Cadavid Dubinin ‘21, Tavleen Arora ‘21, and Tyson Corner ’22

Company: Rapid7

Industry Advisor: David Wellinghoff MBA'07

Faculty Advisor: Patrick Gregory, CFA

Group photo



Team Members: Rushi Nagalla ’19, Mitchell Troyanovsky ’19, Guillermo Vadell ’19, and Albert Yun ’19

Company: CarGurus

Final Written Report - CarGurus

Industry Advisor: David Wellinghoff MBA'07

Faculty Advisor: Patrick Gregory, CFA

2019 CFA Research Challenge



Team Members: Brittany Bascom MBA'16, Rachel Burstiner '17, and Roy Nakamajeo '17

Company: Global Partners LP

Final Written Report - Global Partners LP

Industry Advisor: David Wellinghoff MBA'07

Faculty Advisor: Patrick Gregory, CFA

Group photo


CFA Institute Research Challenge - Global Championship Wins


Team Members: Anil Agarwal, Paul Fruin, Michael Hess, Sri Krishnamurthy, Dave Wellinghoff, and Dennis Yuscavitch

Company: Analog Devices, Inc

Final Written Report - Analog Devices Inc.

Industry Advisor: Warren Johnson

Faculty Advisor: Steven Feinstein

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CFA Institute University Affiliation Program

At Babson College, the Bachelor of Science in Finance and the Master of Science in Finance programs have been acknowledged as incorporating at least 70 percent of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) and placing emphasis on the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice within the program. These programs position students well to obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, which has become the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world.

Entry into the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program signals to potential students, employers, and the marketplace the Babson College curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and is well-suited to preparing students to sit for the CFA examinations. Through participation in this program, Babson College is eligible to receive a limited number of student scholarships for the CFA Program each year, including:

  • 24 annual scholarships
  • Access to the CFA curriculum (Levels I, II, and III)
  • Practice exams (Levels I, II, and III)

Scholarship Application

CFA Program Awareness Scholarships are available for qualified students and faculty. The scholarship waives the one-time enrollment fee ($450) and reduces the exam costs ($650–$1,380) to $350.


Applicants must be current students at the time they submit their applications. Students can register and sit for any exam that is open for registration within one year from the date their award decision is made. Scholarships for the 2022 exams will be available starting September 1.   

Application Process

Complete the Scholarship Application on the CFA website. In the ‘Attachments’ section of your scholarship application, please attach the following:

  1. CV/Resume
  2. Academic Transcript – an unofficial transcript will suffice 
  3. Babson CFA Scholarship Essay

CFA Program

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) charter is a designation given to those who have completed the CFA® Program and completed acceptable work experience requirements.

The CFA Program is a three-part exam that tests the fundamentals of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning. The CFA Program is typically completed by those with backgrounds in finance, accounting, economics, or business. CFA charterholders earn the right to use the CFA designation after program completion, application, and acceptance by CFA Institute. CFA charterholders are qualified to work in senior and executive positions in investment management, risk management, asset management, and more.

Program Overview

Cutler Center Managing Director Patrick Gregory, CFA offers an overview of the CFA program for Babson students interested in pursuing the designation.

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Seminars & Workshops


Essentials of Value Investing

In this two-semester seminar series, hedge fund manager Gary Mishuris, CFA will use a number of readings to discuss the investing philosophies and processes of successful value investors. With Gary’s help, you’ll be able to use these insights to build your own value investing framework. Space is limited and undergraduate and graduate students must apply for this seminar.