November 2014 | By: Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese

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As any musician or painter will tell you, a studio is a place to learn and practice an art. At Studio/E, the art is thinking and acting as an entrepreneur—regardless of your sector or professional environment.

By entrepreneurship, we mean something more than venture creation; it’s most fundamentally the ability to effectively navigate extreme uncertainty. The methodology, mindset, and competency of an entrepreneur can be taught to anyone. And, it is a powerful advantage in successfully navigating your course in our unpredictable and unknowable world.

The tools of entrepreneurship go beyond the predictive logic that defines so much of today’s activities. The past can create useful context, but everyone’s using the same math and measures. And, in a dynamic world, using only predictive logic that worked in the past often leads to poor future results. Studio/E is here to help our members harness the power of broader-based, forward thinking and use it when it’s needed most.

Below, we describe the curriculum, the program flow, as well as the important role that Community plays.

Curriculum: Obtaining the Tools to Navigate the World

Your journey with Studio/E begins by joining a cohort comprised of approximately 20 peers, chosen with great care to produce a powerful mix of personalities, experiences, insights, and networks. These members quickly become trusted partners, teachers, counselors, and accelerators to the group.

Studio/E’s quarterly curriculum focuses on experiential learning conducted during four daylong gatherings. Throughout the course, members immerse themselves in an interactive environment focusing on developing a powerful mindset, competency, methodology, and practice critical to successful exploration and navigation.

Upon completion, all members emerge with a personal compass to successfully map their future journey, and a trusted group of people to rely on throughout it all.

Program Flow

Day One: Mindset and Mind Shift

Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®

Participants will explore the themes of Babson’s training on the entrepreneurial mindset, competency, and methodology, as well as understand key elements of human-centered performance designed by Performance Unlimited.

Day Two: Ideation and Creation

Create and Building with New Possibilities

Day Two teaches how reflection and true observation are stronger than biased interpretation and off-target action—and allow for more creativity, value, and possibility to emerge. From physical items to institutional forms, members explore the act of recognizing, deconstructing, and rebuilding through design.

Day Three: Intentional Iteration

Take Quick, Smart Action to Eliminate Ambiguity

Success relies on taking smart action, learning from it, and moving forward. Day Three examines intentional iteration, the engine of failure, and using boundaries of loss as a powerful tool. When you understand what you’re willing to lose—money, reputation, time, and opportunity—you control ambiguity and minimize risk. Helping you take small steps toward better action. By practicing this, leaders understand how to move forward consistently and confidently.

Day Four: Influence and Relationships

Enroll and Motivate Others to Bring Ideas to Life

Day Four focuses on the power of relationships, leadership through influence design, and implementing ideas inside your organization and its different divisions through the techniques of enrollment. With newly developed exploration and navigation skills, members have the ability to turn ideas into executed actions confidently and operate in a place of stability—and using actionable ideas to create sustainable and supportive environments.


Finally, Studio/E believes a community can create great value for all when its component institutions and influencing individuals are thriving under forward-thinking leaders—and was purposely designed with the following elements:

Inspirational Space

Our iconic space was established to house and safeguard knowledge. Situated within the James J. Hill Reference Library, this space allows our members to gather within the soaring stacks and atrium of this marble edifice that holds a coveted place on the National Historic Register.

Cohort Members

Our cohorts are filled with influencers, artists, leaders, dreamers, believers, creators, but mostly doers—spanning the communities of independent venturers, heads of nonprofits, leaders of health care, stewards of arts organizations, artists, and business executives. Our cohorts focus on converting value-producing ideas into reality.


Our program is built with a trusted environment in which to share truths and desires, both individually and as a community.


Our partners are world-class leaders, teachers, content creators, and thinkers who come together to create and deliver a memorable learning journey.


Studio/E mixes best-in-class content from a variety of credible sources to develop a unique hybrid and interdisciplinary offering.


Our framework to deliver the Studio/E experience (mindset, competency, and methods) provides content, practice, and results.

Interdisciplinary Coaches

Coaches from multiple disciplines and approaches engage from a variety of personalities and perspectives to present a one-of-a-kind experience.

Getting Involved

Ready to turn entrepreneurial thinking into solid strategic direction? Enroll in Studio/E to get started. Whether you’re looking to personally attend, or would like to refer a friend, student, or colleague, signing up is easy if you qualify.