Saltire Fellowship

“Babson is playing an integral role in transforming Scotland’s economy. Their expertise in entrepreneurial leadership makes them the ideal academic institution for the innovative and groundbreaking Saltire Fellowship Program.”

In 2008, Scotland’s economy was at a crossroads. A fear of failure had limited new business creation, and existing businesses faced stagnating growth as they struggled to keep homegrown talent and stay competitive in global markets.

Later that year, the Saltire Foundation was established to “find, fuel, and spark the next generation of Scottish business leaders.” Having identified the issues troubling Scotland’s economy, they sought to provide that next generation with the practical skills, global mindset, and entrepreneurial drive necessary to revitalize Scottish companies and create a national climate of innovation.

Saltaire Fellows

Enter BEE

The Saltire Foundation, recognizing Babson’s leadership in entrepreneurship education, engaged with our team to create the Saltire Fellowship Program. Over eight months, three of which are spent in an intensive learning experience on Babson’s campus, the program equips a select group of high-potential Fellows—Scotland’s rising business talent—with the tools and aspiration required to grow and scale businesses in a wide array of Scottish industries. The fellowship blends the business and leadership insights gained at Babson with hands-on experience at U.S. and international companies, as well as a high-growth Scottish enterprise.

Saltaire Fellows - Tomasso steps

The Bottom Line

Saltire Fellows, having developed an agile, global mindset during their time in the program, are busy creating sustainable value in the regional economy, founding more than 25 companies and social enterprises and helping bring in more than £40 million in VC funding to Scotland. They also have been directly involved in the creation of hundreds of new jobs and have contributed to revenue growth up to 300 percent in businesses across the country. Three of Scotland’s top 10 high-growth firms have Saltire Fellows as CEOs.