Summer Session

Babson in the summer is not much different from any other semester.

​Taking summer courses allows for scheduling flexibility and the opportunity to work with Babson faculty and staff in an even more personal and accessible environment. Summer courses are perfect for students who plan to graduate early, would like to accelerate their completion of required courses, or need to make up a course.

Learning concepts such as integrated curricula, cross-functional team teaching, and practical experience are all emphasized. But in the summer you get to enjoy some additional unique benefits—and the New England summer weather and culture!

Babson Summer Highlights

  • Catch up or get ahead. Electives and required courses are available for any level of Babson student, with offerings in both the day and evening.
  • Choose from a variety of core requirements and electives. Course options include foundation and intermediate requirements such as Financial Accounting, Business Law, Macroeconomics, required QTM classes, SME courses, and intermediate liberal arts courses.
  • Earn elective credit internationally through a Summer Elective Abroad. You can choose from a range of electives on many continents, such as teaching entrepreneurship in South Africa, learning Chinese business language and culture in Shanghai, and investigating the entrepreneurial landscape in Spain and Portugal.
  • Enroll in a summer cluster. These course sets are integrated pairs of summer courses (one business and one liberal arts) with coordinated cocurricular activities to enhance the learning experience. With two professors in each course set, you’ll learn from different perspectives on one core topic, such as Business Ecology and Nature’s Entrepreneurship or Global Development Experience.

 Summer 2020 information will be posted in mid-February 2020.


Summer 2020


You can view the summer session course offerings in the Course Listing. Click the course title to access the course description and additional course details.

​Registration Information

Registration opens for G.A.P. students (January first-year admits) on Tuesday, March DATE TBD at 7:30 a.m. Registration opens for all others on Wednesday, March DATE TBD at 7:30 a.m.

Undergraduate summer session courses are open to current Babson undergraduate students and to non-degree (visiting) students with the academic experience required to meet any course prerequisites.​

Processes and Policies

Babson students can register through online registration.

Non-degree (visiting) students can register in-person at the Registrar’s Office or by sending a completed Summer 2020 Undergraduate Registration Form (pdf)-TBD.

Full payment must be made to Student Financial Services by May DATE TBD, 2020. Non-degree (visiting) students are required to pay prior to registration.

Important Information

  • Completing a registration form does not necessarily confirm registration.
  • Students cannot register for courses that are at full capacity.
  • Students who have a hold on their account will not be able to register. Please download the Registration Hold Information (pdf) and contact the appropriate office.
  • Students must satisfy all prerequisites to register for a course.
  • No registrations or changes will be accepted after the add/drop deadline.
  • Non-degree (visiting) students may be asked to provide documentation, such as transcripts, to demonstrate that they have the academic experience required to meet the course prerequisites.
  • The Registrar’s Office will manually register students into courses that require special permission.
  • Students who receive a prerequisite waiver for a course need to have the professor of the course email the Registrar’s Office to confirm.
  • Please consult the Undergraduate Student Handbook (pdf) for additional policies.

Course Load

A typical course load in the summer session is two courses, or up to 10 credits if you take a 6-credit SME pair plus one additional course. Students in the G.A.P. program may enroll in two courses each summer session in addition to FME, although typically G.A.P. students take FME plus two courses in summer first session, and FME plus one course in summer second session.

Add/Drop & Withdrawal

Babson students can make add/drop changes through online registration, in accordance with registration and add/drop dates. After online add/drop closes, add/drop changes can be made by emailing the Registrar’s Office.

Non-degree (visiting) students can make add/drop changes in-person at the Registrar’s Office or by emailing the Registrar’s Office, in accordance with registration and add/drop dates.

Requests for add/drop changes must be received by the Registrar’s Office prior to the start of the second class meeting. Additional payment, if applicable, must be made and received prior to registration. All registration and add/drop requests are processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Students may withdraw from a summer session course after the drop deadline but before the withdrawal deadline. Students will receive a final grade of "W" for withdrawing from a course. Students should meet with their class dean in Academic Services to withdraw from a course. Students who do not officially withdraw will receive a final grade for each applicable course and will be responsible for all applicable tuition and fee charges.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Summer session tuition is based on the number of credits of each course. For non-matriculated students, payment is due to Student Financial Services upon registration. For current students, payment is due May DATE TBD, 2020.

​2020 Tuition Rate ​$TBD per credit
Payment Deadline ​Babson students: Wednesday, May TBD, 2020
Non-degree (visiting) students: Prior to registration
​Financial Aid 2020 Summer Session Financial Aid Application (pdf)-TBD due Tuesday, April DATE TBD, 2020

For more information about tuition, financial aid, payment, and payment options, please contact Student Financial Services. Students receive billing notification to their Babson email address. Students may view their Account Online or through the Babson Hub (Student Financial Services > View Bill).