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Join the #1 school for entrepreneurship and become part of a global community that’s welcoming and diverse.

Here, you’ll pursue your passions and create your path to success. You’ll learn a new way of thinking, and doing. We call this the entrepreneurial mindset and it’s in everything we do. Meet the team, explore financial aid, plan a visit, or ask us a question. We are here to help. At Babson, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Start today.


Office of Undergraduate Admission
Lunder Admission Center
Babson Park, MA 02457

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Meet Your Undergraduate Admission Team

The Office of Undergraduate Admission staff is here to work with you, and your family, throughout the college sea​rch and application process. Find your counselor below, each one covers a geographic area. No question is too small, and no problem is too large. Please reach out to speak with us directly, or even just to say hello.

For general inquiries or questions about your application status, please email the Office of Undergraduate Admission or call 800-488-3696.

Courtney Minden Headshot

Courtney Minden

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

Pronouns: she, her, hers

New York* (Manhattan)

Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, ME
Favorite Babson fun fact: Roger Babson commisioned North Shore stone masons to carve inspirational sayings into boulders to earn money during the Great Depression.
Favorite campus spot: The admission office!
Favorite Babson event: Move-in day for first years
Why I love Babson: Babson has the ability to turn everyone—even admission officers—into entrepreneurs.

Jaime Robitaille headshot

Jaime Robitaille

Director of Undergraduate Admission

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Massachusetts*, Rhode Island, U.S. Territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands)
International: Canada, Caribbean Islands

Hometown: Framingham, MA
Favorite Babson fun fact: Babson is home to the world’s second-largest freestanding (and rotating) world globe. 
Favorite campus spot: Easy. Sitting in Glavin Chapel, looking out peacefully into the woods with no people and no buildings in sight. It’s the most peaceful and spiritual place I can think of!
Favorite Babson event: First-Year Orientation. I love seeing the innocence and excitement of our incoming students. The entire world is ahead of them!


Jefferson Agyapong

Jefferson Agyapong

Assistant Director

Pronouns: he, him, his 

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida*, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts*, Mississippi, New Jersey*, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Favorite book: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Babson class I'd like to take: Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship
Favorite quote: "It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."
Favorite Babson alumni success: Home Depot, Arthur M. Blank '63 H'98

Lindsay Ewing Headshot

Lindsay Ewing

Assistant Director

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts*
International: Middle East

Hometown: Needham, MA
Babson class I'd like to take: Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship
Babson fun fact: The globe in Kerry Murphy Healey Park rotates!
Favorite spot on campus: Babson Commons at Horn Library
Favorite Babson alumni success: Bombas, David Heath '05 & Andrew Heath MBA '12

Dario Guerrero

Dario Guerrero '21

Assistant Director

Pronouns: he, him, his

Massachusetts*, New Hampshire, New Jersey*, Vermont

Hometown: Lawrence, MA
Favorite quote: "I'm a firm believer in luck, but I find the harder I work the more I have of it." - Thomas Jefferson
Favorite campus spot: Reynolds Campus Center
Babson tradition: Late Night Breakfast
Why I love Babson: The community you join here is not temporary. You will create bonds and relationships that last forever.

Christina Hamilton Headshot

Christina Hamilton

Associate Director

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Maine, Massachusetts*
International: Mexico

Hometown: Norfolk, MA
Favorite Babson fun fact: When Babson first opened its doors, the 27 enrolled students were required to "punch in" and dress in professional business attire!
Favorite quote: "If things go wrong, don't go with them." - Roger Babson
Favorite campus spot: The lawn in front of Tomasso Hall!

Jennie Moore

Jennie Moore

Assistant Director

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Massachusetts*, New York* (Upstate)
International: Southeast Asia

Hometown: Clinton, NY
Babson class I'd like to take: Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship
Favorite quote: "The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion."
Favorite Babson event: Move-In Day!
Why I love Babson: The Babson energy—teamwork, positivity—it is contagious in the best way!

Hannah Moriggi

Hannah Moriggi

Associate Director

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Colorado, New York* (Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester)
International: Europe* (excluding Greece, Switzerland, Turkey)
Regionally based in New York City

Hometown: Blackstone, MA
Favorite Babson fun fact: Roger Babson predicted the stock market crash that began the Great Depression in 1929.
Favorite Babson tradition: Launch Babson, our admitted student day!
Favorite Babson alumni success: Think Board, Hanson Grant '16

Jordan Papula Headshot

Jordan Papula

Assistant Director

Pronouns: he, him, his

International: India* (excluding Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi)

Hometown: Milford, MA
Babson class I'd like to take: Management Consulting Field Experience (ideally working with the Red Sox!)
Favorite Babson fun fact: The trees along the north lawn of Tomasso Hall are fifth-generation descendants of Sir Isaac Newton's famous apple tree!
Favorite Babson alumni success: UNfabricated, Prabaarja Bedi MBA’20

Jared Pierce Headshot

Jared Pierce

Associate Director

Pronouns: he, him, his

Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
International: Asia* (excluding Southeast Asia)

Hometown: Exeter, NH
Babson class I'd like to take: Social Entrepreneurship by Design
Favorite campus spot: Reynolds Campus Center
Favorite Babson tradition: Late Night Breakfast
Favorite Babson alumni success: The Chicken and Rice Guys, Ian So '08 & Jaemin Lee '08

Adrienne Ramsey Headshot

Adrienne Ramsey

Associate Director

Pronouns: she, her, hers

International: Australia, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, India* (Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi), New Zealand, Switzerland, Turkey

Hometown: Quincy, MA
Babson class I'd like to take: Project Management
Favorite campus spot: Weissman Foundry

Karli Ryan

Karli Ryan

Senior Regional Assistant Director

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
International: Africa
Regionally based in Califorina

Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
Babson class I'd like to take: Management Consulting Field Experience—sometimes students work with Dunkin'!
Favorite Babson alumni success: Mohan Murjani '67 launched Tommy Hilfiger
Why I love Babson: Babson students are leaders even before they step on campus. Once they get here, they are passionate and ready to change the world. The student body is remarkable!

Ryan Stanley Headshot

Ryan Stanley

Senior Assistant Director

Pronouns: he, him, his

Delaware, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
International: Central and South America* (excluding Mexico)
Regionally based in Washington, D.C.

Hometown: Mashpee, MA
Babson class I'd like to take: Babson College Fund
Favorite Babson fun fact: Roger's Pub is named after our founder Roger Babson, a prohibitionist.
Favorite campus spot: Kerry Murphy Healey Park
Favorite Babson alumni success: Ring, Jamie Siminoff '99

*Several of our counselors share territories within these states. If a specific area is not noted, please contact our office to find the counselor responsible for your high school.

Undergraduate Admission Fellows

Each year, the Office of Undergraduate Admission selects several student leaders to share their experiences with prospective students. These students conduct campus tours, participate in information sessions, and answer questions from prospective students and families.

Yashna Agarwal '22 headshot

Yashna Agarwal December '22

Hometown: Hyderabad, India

High School: Chirec International School (and) Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Public School

Clubs/Activities: VP of Filmmaking of the Film Association of Babson, Olin, and Wellesley (FABOW), Member of AMAN, Member of the Speech and Debate Society, and Member of the Sustainability Club.

Jack Argiro Headshot

Jack Argiro '22

Hometown: Wallingford, CT

High School: Xavier High School

Clubs/Activities: College Advancement Ambassador, Babson Dining Student Advisory Committee, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Benji Cantera '22 headshot

Benji Cantera '22

Hometown: Chestertown, MD

High School: Mercersburg Academy

Clubs/Activities: Resident Assistant, IFE Student Advisory Forum, Club Soccer President, United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School

Carlo Demesa '23 headshot

Carlo Demesa '23

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

High School: The American School Foundation (ASF)

Clubs/Activities: BDSAC, RA, LASO, Summer Catalyst Venture Program 2021

Muskan Jain

Muskan Jain '22

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

High School: Montgomery High School

Clubs/Activities: College Advancement Ambassador, FME Mentor

Nicole Johns '23 headshot

Nicole Johns '23

Hometown: Peabody, MA

High School: Bishop Fenwick High School

Clubs/Activities: Cross Country, Track, POW, SAAC

Saranga Pagadala '23 headshot

Saranga Pagadala '23

Hometown: Hyderabad, India

High School: Ellesmere College, United Kingdom

Clubs/Activities: eTower, Delta Tau Delta, Intramural Soccer

Amanda Santorelli Headshot

Amanda Santorelli '22

Hometown: Malden, MA

High School: Malden High School

Clubs/Activities: Community Action Program, SPARK Tutor, First Gen Club

Madison Spence '23 headshot

Madison Spence '23

Hometown: Norwood, MA

High School: Dexter Southfield School

Clubs/Activities: BSU, ONE

Kemper Watson '21 headshot

Kemper Watson December '21

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

High School: JJ Pearce High School

Clubs/Activities: Delta Sigma Pi, Student Government (former), Admissions Fellow, Study Abroad in Barcelona, Ping Pong, Squash

Yashna Agarwal

I believe that Babson is not just a business school; instead, it lays a foundation and prepares its students to face the world ahead. The best part about being at Babson is the healthy competition among peers. Your peers will motivate you to achieve your fullest and grow in every aspect of life. Not only your peers but also your professors and other staff at Babson will support, encourage, and provide constructive criticism to you. Lastly, Babson has a very hands on approach to learning, which helps me apply all my knowledge to real life!

Jack Argiro

I chose Babson because I wanted a school with proximity to Boston, but that still had its own inclusive campus. I fell in love with the community, as well as the town of Wellesley, and that has only grown deeper through my time at Babson. Babson students are motivated like no other, and above all, they support each other. Babson has given me the opportunity to grow both socially, academically, and professionally to be in the position I am today.

Benji Cantera

I chose Babson because of the unique entrepreneurial learning environment and community that I have come to know as Babson. The motivated and encouraging students combined with the focus on entrepreneurship appealed to my interest in business and personal growth. Babson has truly become a second home to me and has been an incredible experience from the start.

Carlo Demesa

I chose Babson College because of the hands-on learning experience and the international community. I also love the fact that no matter who you talk to on campus, their accomplishments are tremendous and push you to strive for more.

Muskan Jain

Why Babson: I chose Babson mainly because of its hands-on experiential learning opportunities from day one and the small tight knight community. I love the diversity and support on campus from my peers and professors.

Nicole Johns

I chose Babson because I felt so welcomed the second I stepped on campus. Babson is a community full of hard working people who help one another to become a better student, peer, and community member. I wanted to be surrounded by others who would build me up and push me to be better. Not even a day on campus and I could tell this was a community I wanted to be a part of.

Saranga Pagadala

I chose Babson due to its dedication and drive to be at the forefront for change in the business world. As an entrepreneur, I want to learn how to start and grow a business, not just climb up the corporate ladder!

Amanda Santorelli

I chose Babson because of the strong community the campus provided. From before I came on the campus I knew the community provided diversity and I would get to connect with other students from all different backgrounds and countries. I realized that the staff and students on campus provide a collaborative environment and truly want to help out students and get them on the right path for their future.

Madison Spence

Day one at Babson, I started a journey with a diverse group of like-minded people, who quickly became family. It is truly a community that strives to cater to all students happiness and success in light of our different passions. I could not have asked for a better place to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Kemper Watson

Why Babson? Three words: warmth, drive, and diversity. Babson gave my motivation a direction and I have grown exponentially through the classes I have taken, the professional experiences I have accrued, and especially the community I have been surrounded by.

You Can Afford Babson. And, We’re With You.

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