Campus Mail Services

Campus Mail Services manages multiple essential services for the college community.

For Students: Student Mail and Package Center

  • Mailbox unit number issued to students living on campus in residence
  • Daily inbound U.S. mail and package pickup
  • Inbound carrier package pickup (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, others)
  • Outbound package shipping service
  • Outgoing prepaid vendor return package carrier drop-off
  • Interoffice mail

For Faculty and Staff: Administrative Mail Services

  • Daily inbound U.S.P.S. mail and carrier package delivery
  • Daily outbound U.S.P.S. mail and packages, carrier express packages, and carrier truck shipments
  • Receiving, shipping, and selected supply delivery to faculty and staff—Administrative bulk mailings and mailing list cleansing
  • Manage the U.S.P.S., UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, and other carrier relationships


Dennis Lawlor, Campus Mail Services Manager – 781 239-4280
Todd Shea, Student Mail and Package Center, Supervisor – 781 239-4298
Steve Keniry, Senior Materials Handler Clerk
Dave Graham, Shipper/Receiver