The Office of the General Counsel

Representing Babson College as a corporate entity, providing legal counsel and preventive guidance on a broad range of legal issues affecting the College and its affiliates.

The Office of the General Counsel supports the mission of the College by:

  • Providing legal services to the Board of Trustees, the President, the President’s Cabinet and College administrators
  • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts between the College and other entities
  • Providing advice that minimizes or eliminates potential legal exposures to the College
  • Representing the College before federal and state courts and administrative agencies, as necessary
  • Retaining and supervising outside counsel, when appropriate, to provide additional expertise and representation.

The Office of the General Counsel does not provide personal legal advice to or represent individual faculty, staff or students, except in those circumstances when legal issues arise as result of actions taken while acting for the College during the course and scope of employment by, or service on behalf of, the College. We are committed to providing a safe and ethical workplace for all members of the Babson community. To learn more, read our Whistleblower Policy.