Food & Allergy Information

Summer Dining at Trim Dining Hall:

Babson’s Trim Dining Hall provides an array of food, including a complete a salad bar, vegan /vegetarian items, sandwiches, chicken tenders, French fries, grilled items and more!  Healthier hot items are also offered in the Grill Room.  In addition, there are whole and sliced fruit, yogurt, baked goods, and jello offered for dessert!

We are happy to accommodate participants with food allergies and other dietary concerns.   If your child has a dietary concern, please inform our office by June 1 so that we can provide the best dining experience for your participant.

We have removed the presence of peanuts and tree nuts from this dining hall in order to allow summer participants with nut allergies more freedom of choice.  In order to ensure this policy, no outside food is allowed in the dining hall. If this is a concern, please reach out to the Babson Summer Programs’ staff.

Special Dietary Concerns:

We have a Dietary Aware station which provides several allergen controlled menu items; gluten free pizza, pasta, hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs and other items, as need.  Please contact Director of Dining, Michelle DuPont, at for any specific concerns/questions.