Policies & Forms

A nonrefundable deposit of $100 per camp session must accompany this application. Example: A child going to one session of soccer camp, one session of basketball camp, and two sessions of ice hockey camp equals four camp sessions, requiring a nonrefundable deposit of $400.

The nonrefundable deposit does apply to all camp transfers. Example: A child is signed up for Boys Basketball and would like to switch to Boys Soccer. This transaction would result in a loss of a $100 deposit from Boys Basketball. A new $100 deposit would be required for Boys Soccer Camp.

Balance of tuition must be received by May 31, 2019. After May 31, 2019, all new applications received must be paid in full. All fees may be paid by check (payable to Babson College), Visa, or MasterCard.

Withdrawal or cancellation prior to the first day of camp for any reason will result in a full refund less the nonrefundable deposit of $100 per camp session. All withdrawals and cancellations must be made in writing and received prior to the first day of camp.

In order to ensure both effective camper/instructor ratios and a quality learning environment, all Babson camps will continue the policy of limiting the number of campers in each program. Applications will be accepted for all Babson camps until noon on the Friday prior to the first day of camp, provided space is still available. However, early enrollment is strongly encouraged, as applications are accepted on a space-available basis.

You may cancel this contract without any penalty or further obligation by ensuring that a written notice of your cancellation is delivered in person or postmarked by certified or registered U.S. mail within three business days of this contract (i.e., application) or the date of your receipt to the address specified in this contract. It is understood that the effective date of this contract is the date of receipt by the Babson College Summer Programs Office.

Cancellation or withdrawal from camp for serious medical reasons, once a camp has commenced, must be submitted in writing with a note from the attending physician. Refunds will be made on a pro-rated basis.

Camp counselors may not apply sunscreen to campers; therefore, we ask that parents carefully adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Apply sunscreen to your child in the morning, before he/she comes to camp.
  • Send sunscreen to camp with your child and show him/her how to apply it properly.
  • Campers are required to leave their shirts on during the day. Please send the appropriate clothing to accommodate various changes in the weather. It should be expected that your children will remain outside during light rain.
  • If your child has a medical issue related to sun exposure, and this is verified by a physician’s letter, a certified athletic trainer will help your child apply sunscreen.

The use of cell phones is prohibited during camp hours.

A recent (within the last 18 months) Physical and Immunization Form is required prior to admittance to camp. A camper will not be allowed to attend or participate in camp unless the physician’s form has been received. A full-time certified athletic trainer is on site at all times at each camp during camp hours.

Babson College does not provide medical insurance for any camper. In the event of an illness or injury requiring treatment, hospitalization, and/or surgery, family medical insurance must be used.

By signing the Release of Liability Form, you hereby authorize and give the Summer Camps at Babson College permission to take, use, publish, and reproduce photographs, videos, and other images of your child for the Summer Camps at Babson College records, website, brochures, group photos, or other media.

[You] may request a copy of our policies and/or procedures regarding background checks, health care and/or discipline protocols by telephone at 781-239-5727 and/or email at camps@babson.edu. In addition, [you] may request a copy of our procedures for submitting a complaint against [us] The Sports Camps at Babson College by telephone at 781-239-5727 and/or email at camps@babson.edu.

Babson College complies with the State of Massachusetts Camp Regulations (105 CMR 430) and is permitted by the Wellesley Health Department.

Babson College prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, and veteran or other protected status. This policy extends to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities, including admission, employment, education, and athletics.

There will be various construction projects on campus this summer, and the drop-off and pick-up locations will vary from previous years. Your patience at arrival and dismissal will be important for the safety of everyone on campus. We thank you in advance. Each family will receive a detailed map with drop-off instructions prior to the camp week.

Information on Meningococcal Disease can be found on the MDPH website.

A parent or guardian must give Babson permission to secure proper emergency medical treatment when necessary. Please complete the application and return it to the Summer Programs Office, or complete the application online. A camper will not be permitted to participate in camp without a complete camp application.