Coaching Program for Entrepreneurship Educators

Coaching Program for Entrepreneurship Educators

Winter/Spring 2022

Entrepreneurship education is about more than sharing knowledge with students—it’s also about the ability to teach in an innovative way and model an enterprising mindset.

The Babson Academy Coaching Program for Entrepreneurship Educators provides educators with an instructional design and delivery expert to work through ideas and challenges related to developing new materials and experimenting with novel modes of teaching.

Through six intensive coaching sessions over the course of a semester, you will work with an experienced instructional coach who will provide tailored instructional suggestions, information, and resources to increase your instructional skill set and confidence.

This remote, targeted instructional coaching program is offered in collaboration with Babson College MBA alumnus and experienced educational consultant and teacher, David James MBA’18, founder of Beacon Instructional Partners. Coaching is tailored to your level of experience to help you further advance the quality and effectiveness of your entrepreneurship instruction.

Upon completion of the program, you will have:

  • An improved instructor “tool kit” of experiential, action-based strategies and activities to teach entrepreneurship
  • A clearer philosophy of entrepreneurship instruction that speaks to your personality and context
  • An improved ability to reflect on instructional choices and a higher level of satisfaction, confidence, and ability teaching entrepreneurship

Key Benefits

Work with an experienced coach to develop and refine an impactful entrepreneurial education style.

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Develop the ability to sharpen and reflect on your entrepreneurship teaching methods, resulting in a higher level of confidence in your instructional capabilities.

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Learn how to synthesize new materials and modes of teaching that will help your students gain the skills they need to be successful entrepreneurs.

I truly feel that the coaching significantly improved my effectiveness as an instructor. Students were more engaged this semester than they have ever been, and I felt confident that I was reaching all students. I highly recommend this program to other faculty members.”
– Babson College faculty member

Topics Covered

Participants have the option to engage in one of two types of coaching:

Observation-Based Coaching

Record and share lessons with your instructional coach and discuss specific ways to refine and improve your teaching practices. Sample observation-based coaching focus areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Neuroscience of learning
  • Implementing effective instructional practices in a virtual environment
  • Differentiating classroom instruction to meet student needs and interest
  • Asking effective, rigorous questions to drive student engagement
  • Creating an inclusive learning environment

Planning and Lesson Design Coaching

Partner with an instructional coach to conduct a deep dive on a component(s) of your curriculum (i.e., assignments, learning activities, questioning sequences, rubrics, etc.) to create aligned and engaging learning experiences for your students. Sample planning and lesson design coaching focus areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Effectively organizing and sequencing course objectives and goals
  • Planning and managing effective student practice
  • Preparing engaging classroom activities and learning experiences
  • Designing rigorous and aligned assessments and rubrics

At A Glance

Next Date Winter/Spring 2022
Format Virtual
Duration/Time Commitment Six coaching sessions over the course of a semester

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