Innovating How We Teach Innovation

Innovating How We Teach Innovation


Innovation is Indispensable. Learn to Teach it with Babson.

Digitalization, social change, and the pandemic have rendered innovation an essential skill for every person and every organization. As entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship educators know, impediments are situations ripe with opportunity. As an entrepreneurship educator, what should you be doing in the classroom to prepare your students to innovate? An entrepreneurial mindset, aptitude for lifelong learning, and resilience in the face of change are critical to thriving in our evolving future of work. 

In this online course, participants will learn to apply several perspectives on how to think about innovation. Learn how individuals and organizations can become more innovative, and how to design learning experiences to foster development.

What Will You Learn?

Participants will get the tools and tactics needed to develop, improve and reimagine innovation curricula. They will also collaborate with other educators and fellow faculty members who want to learn new concepts, strategies and methodologies in the field of innovation.

Session topics include: 

  • How to teach others the key aspects and dynamics of innovation, supported by both academic research and practice.
  • How to prepare students to lead innovation in medium and large-scale enterprises.
  • An online innovation simulation, in which you will manage the innovation process for a struggling newspaper.

At a Glance

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Live Online

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Duration/​Time Commitment

2 Weeks/​16 Total Hours

Who Should Attend?

Higher education faculty from any discipline who want to teach innovation courses, or want to include innovation concepts, methods and tools in their functional curricula.

What You Need to Know

This ten-day online program includes:

  • Four live online sessions
  • All sessions run 9–11 a.m. ET
  • Approximately 16 hours of session and self-paced work throughout the program

Program materials include readings, discussion boards, group work, presentations, exercises, and a simulation.

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Meet the Faculty

Professor Sebastian Fixson, Associate Dean of Innovation

Professor Sebastian Fixson

An engineer and social scientist, Fixson’s research has honed in on creating knowledge to help organizations build innovation capabilities. He served as the founding Faculty Director of Babson’s Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL) program from 2014–17, and has collaborated with industrial partners in various formats, ranging from joint research projects, to teaching, advising and consulting, to speaking engagements.

What Makes Babson Academy Different?

At Babson Academy, we believe entrepreneurship education changes the world. To date, we have impacted more than 8,700 educators and students from 1,300 educational institutions in more than 80 countries. Our goal? Advancing global entrepreneurial learning across universities worldwide. 

Our programs are about more than theory; they’re about action, and equipping you with the practical tools and strategies necessary to have an immediate impact on your institution.

The ability to innovate, with its underlying skills and mindset, is now more important than ever. The new environment, with a much greater virtual component of teaching and learning, presents a great opportunity to innovate teaching in the service of teaching innovation.”
Sebastian Fixson
Babson Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Innovation

Professor Sebastian Fixson in the News

Fixson brings almost 20 years experience as an undergraduate, graduate, and executive education professor to Innovating How We Teach Innovation, backed by Babson’s 27-year track record as the No. 1 College for entrepreneurship education in the United States.

Overcoming the Challenge

Teaching Students to Take Action

Sixteen teams “rose to the occasion” and showcased products months in the making at Babson’s MSEL LEAP Design Fair, led in part by Sebastian Fixson’s guidance during half a semester of remote work. “At the end of this class, it’s always amazing to see what the students have created.”

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