Business Analytics

The Business Analytics concentration is designed to provide advanced skills and techniques that can be applied to discipline-specific and more general business problems. This concentration will leverage the importance of data analytics and enhances it with the business and advanced analytical skills that today's organizations demand for decision making.

Requirement A (Foundation): 3 credits

Both courses are required.

  • MIS9530 Competing on Analytics using Technology (1.5 credits)
  • QTM9515 Introduction to Data Science and Business Analytics (1.5 credits)

Requirement B (Application): 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

  • ECN7520 Economic and Financial Forecasting (3 credits)
  • MKT7506 Marketing Analytics (3 credits)

Requirement C (Depth): 6 credits

The list of general electives with substantial analytical content that can count toward the 6 remaining credits for the Business Analytics concentration includes:

  • ECN7520 Economic and Financial Forecasting (3 credits)*
  • ECN7555 Health Care: Markets, Analytics and Strategies (3 credits)
  • MBA7509 Decisions (3 credits)
  • MBA7515 Enterprises 2.0 Building Social Networks (3 credits)
  • MBA7525 Analytical Managers and Organizations (3 credits)
  • MIS7557 Clouds, Platforms, and Networks (3 credits)
  • MKT7506 Marketing Analytics (3 credits)*
  • MKT7502 Innovation and Experimentation (3 credits)
  • MKT7510 Marketing Research and Analysis (3 credits)
  • MKT9501 Strategy & Tactics of Pricing (3 credits)
  • QTM7571 Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Visualization (3 credits)
  • QTM7575 Financial Modeling (3 credits)
  • QTM9501 Business Forecasting (1.5 credits)
  • QTM9505 Financial Simulation (1.5 credits)
  • QTM9510 Optimization (1.5 credits)
  • MFE7500 MCFE in Business Analytics (3 credits): requires the approval of a Business Analytics Concentration coordinator

* If not chosen as part of Requirement B.

Suggested electives that could complement a Business Analytics Concentration

In addition to the courses listed above, we recommend that business analytics concentrators supplement their coursework with relevant courses from other disciplines. These classes will not count toward the concentration but will provide valuable perspective and/or complementary skills. Some great choices include the following:

  • MIS7515 High Tech Entrepreneurship
  • MKT7542 Digital Marketing
  • MKT7572 Brand Management
  • MKT9501 Strategy and Tactics of Pricing
  • MOB7573 Supply Chain Management

Additional information

For information on the coursework in the concentration and possible career paths, please contact the concentration coordinators: