External Events

Thank you for considering Babson College as the location of your next event. Please review the External Event policy below. If your event adheres to our guidelines listed and you would like to host your event at Babson, please review the External Event process and fill in the External Event form below.

If you have any questions, please call (781) 239-5265 or email campusevents@babson.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Updated August 2022

Babson College accommodates, to the best of its ability, the use of College facilities during the academic year by approved “Babson Sponsored” External Events only when such use does not interfere with current student, faculty, staff, or alumni* related events previously planned or scheduled.

*Alumni related events are defined as events planned by the Babson Alumni and Friends Network and/or the Babson Development Office.

To hold an external event on campus, the following criteria must be met, although the College always retains the right to refuse any event:


All external event requests require a “Babson Sponsor”, which is a current employee or Governance member of the College. The Babson Sponsor is required to be the on-campus event contact and logistics coordinator and be present when the event takes place, unless otherwise discussed.
The external event must be in alignment with the Babson Sponsor’s job function at Babson.
The external event may not be a socially related event (ie; birthday or retirement party, religious celebration, recital, wedding reception, private function, etc.)
External event requests sponsored by the Towns of Wellesley or Needham will be considered on a case by case basis and approval will be determined by the Director of Campus & Community Events, Associate Director of Campus & Community Events, and members of the President’s Council if necessary.
Event requests from the Babson Executive Conference Center (BECC) will be considered on a case by case basis and approval will be determined by the Director of Campus & Community Events and members of the President’s Council if necessary.
Contracts are required for all events. Insurance and additional fees may apply, see CONTRACTS, RATES & FEES FOR APPROVED EXTERNAL EVENTS below for more information.
All food and beverage must be provided by Chartwells, Babson’s on-campus caterer.


Requests for use of facilities are contingent on current campus community events already scheduled, and religious holidays.
Event requests less than 30 days and more than a year out from the date will not be reviewed.
Event requests during exams will be reviewed on a case by case basis by Director of Campus & Community Events, Associate Director of Campus and Community Events, Academic Services, and members of the President’s Council if necessary.
Event Requests during the summer (post May Commencement and pre August Orientation) will be exclusively considered by the Office of Summer Programs.
Requests for events on Babson College recognized holidays will not be considered.


The following areas maintain control of their buildings with separate guidelines for external use:

Athletics – Controls use of all athletics facilities (Webster Center, all fields), 781-239-6515
Sorenson Center for the Arts – Controls use of the Theater and Dance Studio, 781-239-5622
Glavin Family Chapel – Controls space in the Glavin Family Chapel, 781-239-5636
Babson Executive Conference Center – Controls all space at the BECC, 781-239-4000
Office of Summer Programs – Controls space post May Commencement and pre August Orientation, 781-239-5730


If your event adheres to the above criteria and you would like your event to be considered, the Babson Sponsor must fill out an External Event Request Form to be submitted to the office of Campus & Community Events (campusevents@babson.edu) for review at least 30 days in advance and no more than one year out from the event date. Request Form must be filled out in its entirety. Form must be resubmitted if changes to original request are made.

If approved, the Campus & Community Events office will alert the Babson Sponsor so they may inform group and begin the planning by reserving space through the EMS (campusevents@babson.edu).

IMPORTANT: No external event will be permitted to take place on campus without the following:

Payments must be made via check or credit card and sent to Babson College prior to event date.
Contract must be signed and appropriate certificate of insurance sent to Babson College prior to event date.


If your event must be canceled or postponed, please inform the Campus & Community Events office, Facilities, Public Safety, Chartwells, and Media Services, as soon as possible. Fees may apply if cancellation is within 24 hours of event.



The Campus & Community Events office will send the Babson Sponsor the original contract including confirmation of dates, times, location(s), facilities/media fees, and insurance requirements, if necessary.
External group representative will print two copies of the contract, sign both, and send them to the Campus & Community Events (231 Forest Street, Nichols Hall, Babson Park, MA 02457) before the event. The CCE will sign both copies, and send one back to the external group representative.
A Certificate of Insurance with appropriate coverage must be sent to Babson College 20 days prior to the event. It is important that you send this information to your insurance agent so she or he can provide a compliant insurance document. You or your insurance agent can contact Babson College’s Risk Office at 781-239-5688) if you have questions about the insurance requirements below:


Auto Liability - $1,000,000 CSL (including owned, non-owned and hired vehicles) 
General Liability - $1,000,000 CSL per occurrence / $3,000,000 aggregate 
Workers Compensation – Statutory
Employers Liability - $100,000 / $500,000 / $100,000

Certificate of Insurance (COI) will state in the description section that "Babson College, The Trustees of the Babson College, its officers, employees, agents and assigns" shall (i) be added as additional insured on general liability and under Auto liability and (ii) provide a waiver of subrogation under both the workers' compensation coverage and Comprehensive General Liability coverage in favor of Babson College.

If the EVENT GROUP carries higher limits than those specified above, such limits must be shown on the certificate. EVENT GROUPs that do not have employees are not required to show evidence of Workers Compensation or Employers Liability Insurance.

If alcohol is served, additional fees and insurance are required by law, and Babson College will require 30 days advance notice and proof of insurance to secure appropriate permits from the Town of Wellesley.


Fees are fixed, per day, and based on set up, tear down, and cleaning of specific rooms.
There is no fee for equipment unless Babson does not currently own specific equipment or equipment is in use by other internal events. Fees will be charged to external event group if additional equipment is to be rented.

ROOM RATES (subject to change, please inquire with Campus & Community Events)


Traffic and Alcohol Detail Officers fees apply with a 4 hour minimum. If alcohol is served, at least one Detail Officer per 100 guests is required. 


Determined by Chartwells and catering requests.
If alcohol is requested, additional fees and insurance are required by law.


There is no fee for equipment (LCD projector, DVD/VCR player, internet, etc.) permanently built into rooms. Babson Media Services requires the Babson Sponsor and/or External User to meet with Media Services rep at least 48 hours prior to event to review equipment. Those rooms include:
Classrooms, Needham/Wellesley Room, Reynolds Suite (241, 244), Reynolds Dining Room, Olin Auditorium, Knight Auditorium
Babson Sponsor or External User may contact the Media Services Help Desk during regular business hours, M-F at x4357.
Additional services are available at an hourly rate (Operator or Technician).
Vendor referrals can be provided when Babson does not currently own such equipment.


Babson provides 11x17 size front gate signage free of charge located at the Main entrance and West gate entrance.
Babson does not provide Marketing or Promotional signage.
Babson does not provide outdoor directional signage.
Babson does not provide custom signage.
Babson’s Canon Copy Center can facilitate printing of such materials. For a schedule of fees or more please contact the Canon Copy Center at 781-239-5300.


Babson will not market or advertise external events on behalf of the third party organization.
Babson event staff are solely responsible for scheduling the external event on campus, reserving the room, completing the contract and insurance policy process and communicating to media, facilities and public safety of any event set-up specifications.
External group must contact Chartwells catering directly to submit their food/beverage request.
Babson staff are not responsible for managing the external event on site.
Babson will only provide the external group an emergency contact list for the day of the event.

This process contains the common steps to create and manage an external event to be hosted on Babson’s campus.  It includes the process for scheduling the event, managing Babson College’s risk, and delivering a successfully executed event to the external client.

1.      Client/Sponsor Preliminary Interview

On first discussion/email exchange with client, collect the following information:

Date(s) and times(s) of the event.
Babson Sponsor
Event nature (ie. educational, social, networking, business, etc.)
Type of Event (ie meeting, conference, breakfast, dinner, etc)
Event needs (space requirements, media services, food, alcohol, public safety, etc.)
Audience type (invitees, Babson staff, Babson students, etc.)
Number of Attendees

2.      Check EMO Calendar and EMS

Check the EMO Planning calendar to make sure that there aren’t other huge events, religious holidays, Babson Observed Holidays, or other significant conflicts. If conflicts arise, consult with the Director of the Events Management Office before moving ahead with the date.

3.      Tentatively Book Rooms

Check availability of rooms that fit client needs in EMS Scheduling. After confirming availability, the Events Coordinator will work with you to book rooms in EMS. Be sure to include event name, dates, times and specific room requests.

4.      Send Intake + External Event Policy to Client/Sponsor

Email Babson College’s External Event Request Form and the External Event Policy information. The external policy information provides them with the overview of their process; Babson College’s available resources and their associated costs; contract and insurance requirements; and details pricing for various rooms. 

5.      Receive Intake

Receive the intake and review it to make sure you have all the necessary information.  If the event has a sponsor, make sure the sponsor is indicated.

If the event has catering needs, notify the client that this will need to be ordered directly through Chartwells at least one week prior to the event.

6.      Signature on Intake from Sponsor

Email the document for the sponsor to sign and send back to the Events Management Office.

7.      Request Approved / Denied

The external event committee (Events Coordinator and the Director of the Events Management Office) will review the request, and dates, and determine whether or not we can host the external event. 

Let the client/sponsor know if their request was approved or denied.  If denied, be sure to work with the Events Coordinator to release the booked rooms. 

8.      Interview Client for All Logistical Needs

Once the event has been approved, EMO will host a more in-depth discussion with the external client (or sponsor, if the sponsor is acting in the external client’s place).  

9.      Evaluate Booked Spaces

After reviewing all the logistical needs for the client, determine whether the rooms preliminarily booked during the intake process are sufficient or inappropriate and work with the Events Coordinator to adjust the bookings accordingly.

10.   Create Contract

Using the information contained in the intake, fill in the contract.

11.   Create Invoice – If Needed

If the client is being charged for the rooms, create an invoice for them. The invoice should be payable to Babson College and should have a unique Invoice Number (we typically use the event date in the following format YYYYMMDD)

12.   Contract (including request for COI) and Invoice Emailed to Client

Instructions should indicate to print 2 copies, sign both, and mail or email the following back to Babson.

ATTN: Events Management Office,
Nichols Hall, Babson College
231 Forest Street
Babson Park, MA 02457


Collect return address or email address from client to send back a signed copy of the original.

13.   Contract Signed by Director of the Events Management Office

When the signed contract is received from the client, the Director of the Events Management Office will review and sign the 2x original contracts.

One copy is kept on file and the other is sent back to the client.

14.   Collect Certificate of Insurance (COI) and File with Contract

Submit a copy of the contract and COI to Risk Management to ensure the COI complies with the coverage that Babson needs. (Digital OK for approval)

If it does comply, take the original contract along with the certificate of insurance, and submit to Procurement through the department’s Online Contract Intake Form.

Make sure to retain digital copies on file.. 

15.   Create Logistics Memo

Create a logistics memo for on-site execution that will be delivered to Facilities, EMO Staff, Public Safety, Media Services, Chartwells, the Event Group’s Sponsor, and any other relevant parties.

Email the logistics memo to the appropriate parties 7-10 days prior to the event.

16.   Create Directional Signage – If Needed

Create gate signage using the 11x17 signage template to direct attendees from the Main and West Gates to the parking lot assigned for the event. Create signage for inside the building if the room/space where the event being held is challenging to find.

17.   Schedule Media Training for Client – If Needed

If the client needs to use presentation systems or other media, please make sure they have the necessary passwords and know how to use the technology prior to the event.  Schedule practice run-through time with Media Services if necessary so the client can become comfortable with the systems prior to the event (additional event fees may apply).

18.   Collect Payment

Follow up with the client to make sure we receive payment for facilities rentals, unusual setup costs, alcohol permit fees, etc.

 19.   Submit Payment Check with Copy of Invoice to Finance

When payment is received scan a copy of the check for our files.

Complete a Deposit Form using Facilities budget number, and deposit the check with the invoice with the finance department. Enter Cash Sales Record in Workday and print slip to include in the deposit envelope.

20.   Check in with the Client at the Event – If Needed

Make sure setup, food, and other requests from the client are fulfilled.

21.   Follow Up

After the event, check in with the client/sponsor to collect feedback and any photos they may want to share from the event. Add any important feedback to the client’s file for planning future events.