Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the eyes, ears, and voice of the graduate student body.

The council is comprised of graduate students across all programs and acts as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration.

GSC Goals

  • Promote interaction between members of the graduate student body, the broader Babson community, and the world beyond
  • Support the graduate student educational experience
  • Foster an atmosphere of camaraderie, understanding, support, and goodwill at Babson

These goals are accomplished through a variety of GSC-sponsored events and consistent solicitation and implementation of student feedback. The GSC also helps coordinate the more than 30 student-run clubs.

GSC members are elected in both the spring and fall. To contact the Graduate Student Council please email

2022–2023 GSC Officers

President Emilio Ruiz Padilla MBA’23
Chief of Academic Affairs Martha Buckley MBA’23
Chief of Graduate Student Life Stephen Cargill MBA’23
Chief of Operations Tejas Farkase MBA’23
VP of GSC Finance Nishith Mitran MBA’23
Co-VP of Club Management Suryakumar Prabakaran MBA’23
VP of Center for Career Development Relations Gaurav Mishra MBA’23
VP of Grad Student Alumni Relations Prajakta Jagtap MBA’23
VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Kelly Stewart MBA’23
Co-VPs of GSC Events Mariana Vasquez Villarreal MBA’23
Samaksh Jain MSEL’23
VP of Marketing Simontini Nayak MBA’23
VP of Partners Club Heber Higueros Soto MBA’24
VP of One Year MBA Students Mitali Nag MBA’23
VP of Blended Miami MBA Students Matias Vidal MBA’24
VP of MSEL Students Khush Aggarwal MSEL’23
VP of Part-Time MBA, MSAEL, and CAM Students Jacquelyne Shainis MBA’25
VP of MSBA and MSF Students Kush AmitKumar Agarwal MSBA’23
VP of First Year MBA Students Basu MBA’24

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