Babson Room Scheduling Guidelines

Guidelines to Scheduling Space at Babson

Babson College offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to request space on campus to host events and activities related to the mission of the college. Any student, faculty or staff member can request space on campus through Babson's Virtual EMS System. Requests are automatically sent to the owner of the requested space, and these "space owners" approve or deny all requests. 


Important EMS Updates

  • 9/1/2015 - Facilities Set Up Notes or Attachments are required for room setup.
    In order for facilities to create a specific setup for your booking, you are required to enter specific setup instructions in the facilities set up notes or attach a logistics document/floorplan to your reservation. If you do not, your reservation will not receive any set up.

Process for Requesting Space:

Process for Requesting Space:

  • To log in, visit
  • In order to access Virtual EMS, you will need a Babson ID and Password. If you are a current student, faculty, or staff member you should already have this information. If not, please contact ITSD at, or 781-239-4357.
  • Download the Virtual EMS Reference Guide. Please select the guide applicable to you: student guide or faculty and staff guide.
  • Faculty and staff with Outlook, there is also an EMS plug-in (not Mac compatible) which will allow you to request rooms through Outlook. You'll find tips on using this plug in located in the EMS and Outlook Best Practices guide.
  • From Virtual EMS you will be able to see which rooms are available, request them, choose your room setup, and request services such as facilities setup, catering, media services, and public safety.
  • Here is a map of the spaces on campus that can be booked.
  • Here is a guide for setup types, so you can best choose the setup for the space you are requesting.  
  • Need help? Take a look at the FAQs for Virtual EMS.
  • Learn quickly with our Reference Videos
  • As part of requesting your space you are also responsible for ordering any necessary services such as setup (through facilities), media services and catering. You will find deadlines for ordering services at the bottom of this page.

Process for Campus Service Providers

Chartwells:  All catering requests must be submitted no later than seven business days prior to the date of your room reservation and must be done via the Babson online catering system. If you would like to add catering to your event within seven days, please call the catering department directly at 781-239-4403 to discuss your requirements. All final guaranteed counts are due three business days prior to an event
Facilities:  All event facilities requests or updates must be submitted through the EMS system more than two business days prior to the event. If updates need to be made to event facilities requests less than two business days of your event, you must contact the Events Management Office at or 781-239-5265 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For urgent facilities requests after 4:30 p.m., please contact public safety at 781-239-5555, and have them page the facilities manager. For all non-event facilities requests, please use the work order system or call facilities at 781-239-4444. 
Media: All media requests requiring media services staffing on-site for the duration of your event should be submitted more than one week prior to your event. This includes all recordings, webinar driving, Telepresence, and live streaming requests. All other requests should be submitted more than two business days prior to your event. Any requests submitted after the recommended deadlines will be reviewed based on available resources and staffing. Requests for media services can be emailed to or by calling 781-239-4357. For media service emergencies please call 781-239-4421. ​​​