Creativity and innovation have long been hallmarks of Babson College’s focus on entrepreneurship, and the arts provide a space to explore the in​tersection of creative vision and entrepreneurial thought. Here at BabsonARTS, we always have a full sl​ate of engaging performances, exh​ibitions, films, and conversations. 

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Babson Music Collective

Babson Music Collective Concert
Monday, December 6, 7:00 P.M. (EST)
Sorenson Black Box

FREE with Registration

The Babson Music Collective is rooted in the jazz traditions of improvisation and creative expression.  The group finds inspiration in a range of musical styles, from pop and afro-beat, to classic jazz standards.  Drawing on each member’s personal playing style and experiences, the Collective creates unique arrangements for all of the music it plays. The Babson Music Collective performs at a number of concerts and events throughout the year, with the goal of fostering a community of Babson’s many student musicians and listeners.