About Us

Babson engages GreenerU, Inc., an innovative higher education-focused sustainability and energy services company, to operate our first dedicated Sustainability Office. The office is located prominently in the Reynolds Campus Center and serves as the nexus of sustainability on campus. The office serves the following functions:

  • Connects sustainability activities and programs around campus into a unified program
  • Communicates within the Babson community about sustainability activities on and off campus, with particular focus on sharing infrastructure and operational improvements with the community
  • Helps students, staff and faculty develop and deploy sustainability projects and programs
  • Develops and deploys programs that improve or enhance the sustainability of the Babson campus
  • Tracks key performance metrics and progress, and reports to external evaluations in order to showcase Babson sustainability and reveal opportunities

Mission of Sustainability at Babson

The mission of the Sustainability Leadership Team is to guide the integration of sustainability into Babson’s core values and to build awareness of the impacts that personal and organizational decisions have on the environment and society.

Vision of Sustainability at Babson

Babson College will uphold Social, Environmental, Economic Responsibility, and Sustainability (SEERS) as a core principle of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A™).

Alex Davis & Dallase Scott