Many of the acclaimed faculty at Babson are researching topics on the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainability.

See below for a list of faculty engaged in Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility and Sustainability (SEERS) research, which is an expanded concept of Triple Bottom Line that was developed and defined by Babson faculty.


  • Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg, Arts & Humanities
  • Danielle Krcmar, Arts & Humanities
  • Fritz Fleischmann, Arts & Humanities
  • Toni Lester, Accounting & Law
  • Ross Petty, Accounting & Law
  • Virginia Soybel, Accounting & Law
  • Bradley George, Entrepreneurship
  • Mike Caslin, Entrepreneurship 
  • Candida Brush, Entrepreneurship 
  • Stephen Deets, History & Society
  • Xinghua Li, History & Society
  • Gaurab Bhardwaj, Management
  • James Hunt, Management
  • Dwight Gertz, Management
  • Danna Greenberg, Management
  • Vitoria Crittenden, Marketing
  • Vikki Rodgers, Math & Science
  • Dennis Mathaisel, Math & Science
  • Kate McKone-Sweet, TOIM
  • Sinan Erzurumlu, TOIM
  • Steven Gordon, TOIM

How the inventory was created: Faculty were surveyed and published research materials were reviewed to confirm participation in SEERS related research. 

Types of research included in the inventory: published articles, forthcoming articles, presentations, case studies, book chapters, edited books, books, and book reviews.​​