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Park Manor West

This new building, located between the Park Manor residence halls on one side and Luksic Hall and the Blank Center for Entrepreneurship on the other side, provides students with a dynamic new living and learning environment in the heart of Babson’s campus.


Major sustainability features:

  • Building is 24% more efficient than a conventionally designed building
  • Nearly half of the building materials are either recycled or regionally sourced
  • Low-flow fixtures, such as faucets and shower heads, reduced water use by 38%


LEED Overview:

Sustainable Sites

  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • Site Selection
  • Development Density and Community Connectivity
  • Alternative Transportation-Bicycle Storage and Changing Room
  • Alternative Transportation: Parking Capacity
  • Site Development: Maximize Open Space
  • Stormwater Design: Quantity Control


Water Efficiency

  • Water Use Reduction: Reduce by 38%


Energy & Atmosphere

  • Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems
  • Minimum Energy Performance
  • Fundamental Refrigerant Management
  • Optimize Energy Performance: Improve by 24% for Existing Building Renovations
  • Enhanced Commissioning


Materials & Resources

  • Storage and Collection of Recyclables
  • Construction Waste Management: 84% Recycled or Salvaged
  • Recycled Content: 20% of Content
  • Regional Materials: 27% of Materials 


Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance
  • Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control
  • Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
  • Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan (During Construction)
  • Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control
  • Controllability of Systems: Thermal Comfort
  • Thermal Comfort: Design 


Innovation in Design

  • Low-mercury Lighting
  • LEED Accredited Professional


Regional Priority

  • Stormwater Design-Control