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Sustainable Alumni Businesses

Fostering Green Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation is part of our unique approach to sustainability.

As part of their business education, our students seek to solve real world challenges with market mechanisms. They frequently start here, on our campus. In compliment to structures like the Entrepreneurial Residential Tower and the Rocket Pitch competitions held on campus each year, Babson students and faculty are developing sustainability-related counterparts, designed to fertilize the ideas that might eventually become green businesses.

Students in the graduate business school, for example, have used our campus as a living laboratory, successfully making the case for single stream recycling on campus, which is now implemented.

Green businesses are a growing percentage of the portfolio of businesses started by Babson students and recent alums. A few businesses recently started by or with Babson alumni include:


ThinkLite retrofits existing lighting fixtures to be more efficient.

Top Sprouts

Builds greenhouses on top of or alongside existing buildings. Top Sprouts greenhouses are, in part, kept warm by the waste heat of their host building and they produce food crops that can then be sold to building occupants.

Big Belly Solar

Managed in part by a Babson alumnus, Big Belly makes solar powered compacting trashcans for outdoor applications. Babson is home to several Big Belly units. By compacting trash, Big Belly trashcans reduce the number of truck trips and bags required to empty outdoor garbage containers.


Founded by a Babson alumnus, Preserve makes consumer products such as toothbrushes and razors from recycled plastic materials.

Stone Hearth Pizza

Co-founded by a Babson alumnus, Stone Hearth makes incredible pizza using locally sourced, frequently organic ingredients and sustainable practices.

Emergent Energy Group

Co-founded by a Babson alumnus, this company helps public and private entities assess, optimize, and create on-site clean energy systems.


Founded by a Babson alumnus, Cocomama is a nutrition-based, gluten-free food brand that uses ancient grains to make healthy, convenient products.

In addition, Babson seizes sustainability as an opportunity to train students as leaders and change agents. The Eco Reps program, for example, explicitly provides students with leadership skills to be used in a business context, all while working on meaningful projects to make Babson sustainable.

If you’re a Babson alumnus who started or work with a green business, or who wants to work with Babson students to do so, please contact us.