Move In Recycling

Make moving in at Babson easy on yourself AND the environment.


Quick Tips


  • Break down and recycle your cardboard boxes
  • Bring your water bottle to fill at our campus water bottle filling stations. 


Welcome to Babson! As you move into your residence hall, don't forget to break down and recycle your cardboard boxes. Bring them down to the front of your hall, along with any packaging trash. 

Move-in recycling is a part of Orientation at Babson, and we offer it to help reduce the impact of the process of moving into the residence halls.

Mixed Recycling

Please break down all boxes and place next to trash dumpsters.

Styrofoam and Packing Materials

We are not able to recycle expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam), at Babson, so it must be thrown into the trash.

Move-In Recycling