Senior Led Seminars

For Students, By Students

Made possible by a generous gift of the Donald W. White Sr. ’50 Family, Babson offers classes each spring semester taught entirely by students in their senior year. The classes are on topics that hold special meaning with their instructors, and this semester range from communicating business in a tech environment to business opportunities in the circular economy. By sharing their passion with their peers, the seniors are able to teach topics that aren’t currently offered in the standard undergraduate curriculum. These classes are very popular among fellow students whose desire for knowledge extends beyond the typical course load.


2018 Senior-Led Seminars

The Psychology of Social Media

Dylan Goren

The average American now spends 2 hours a day on social media. How has this affected our minds and the way we think? Are we addicted or is this simply the future of how we communicate and interact? This seminar explore these questions and more through the unique lens of modern psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy. This course unveils the behavioral techniques that social media exploits in order to quietly maximize the time and attention we give it every day. We will evaluate social media as a persuasive technology and determine whether it is ultimately a useful tool or a toxic habit.


Reaching the Multicultural Consumer

Aidan Dennis

By 2045, the United States will be “minority white.” Large segments such as Asian-Americans, African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are already growing both in size and purchasing power, and culturally agnostic marketing will soon no longer be effective. This seminar will focus on the intersection of culture and business and its effect on traditional marketing strategies. Through discussion, guest lecturers, case studies and simulations, this course will provide students with the opportunity to further understand multicultural consumers and learn how to effectively communicate with them.


Restaurant Operations and Innovation 101

Lydia Stetson

Restaurant Operations & Innovation 101 is a chance for students to encounter the challenges of restaurant industry entrepreneurs and gain the frameworks necessary to propose solutions. Students will be introduced to the essential components of the restaurant business, including real estate selection, kitchen design, menu planning, staff training, restaurant branding and marketing. This seminar will expose students to food service business models, including financial templates and hospitality formats. Finally, students will consider how restaurant operations differ depending on cultural context, as well as the ethical and social justice issues the industry navigates.


The Business of Film

Isaiah Williams

Film is an inherently entrepreneurial industry, and leaders within the industry must show not only a keen eye for talent, creativity, and opportunity, but also a firm understanding of traditional business functions. This seminar, taught by a student film producer, will explore the practical business models and language of the U.S. film industry all the way from pitching an idea to selling or distributing a film. Through interactive lectures, case studies, and guest speakers, students will dive into the timeline of producing a film, study successful film producers/studios, read script excerpts, understand modern film finance, and explore the competitive industry landscape.


Fly the Friendly Skies: The Airline Industry from Takeoff to Landing

Adam Kershner

The airline industry is one of the most widely used and yet least understood business environments. Many of the standards by which businesses are evaluated are forgotten when evaluating airlines, as passengers and analysts alike frequently challenge airlines’ strategies and policies. This course will consider many questions, including, but not limited to: What constitutes airline loyalty? How are airline tickets priced? What are the different business models by which different airlines operate? Grounded in our examination of the airline industry, students will engage in a study of the world of aviation via multiple mediums, such as articles, videos, and case studies.