The Honors Program

A Challenging Academic Community

The Honors Program is designed to enrich the experience of academically accomplished students through unique curricular and co-curricular opportunities. Honors students enroll in two Honors Seminar courses, participate in a two-semester honors project and complete an international experience, which may include a semester abroad or an overseas internship and coursework at the London School of Economics. The Honors Program aims to create a community within the larger Babson community by scheduling academic, social, and cultural offerings.

Unique Opportunities to Grow Outside the Classroom

Students attend a wide range of special programming offered by the Honors Program throughout the year. Programs include social events, community-building activities, and arts performances in the Boston area.

The Honors Project

The capstone experience of the Honors Program is the year-long Honors Project. Students work closely with one or more faculty members to complete work on either a scholarly project or a scholarly project with a creative component. The project is not simply a research endeavor that synthesizes prior research; rather, it is a substantial contribution to its field of inquiry. The scope of the project depends on the nature of the chosen discipline. Regardless of the area of inquiry, students develop strong research and writing skills.

Babson Honors Program Handbook 2022-2023 (pdf)