The Honors Program

The Honors Program

A Challenging Academic Community

The Honors Program is designed to enrich the experience of academically accomplished students through unique curricular and co-curricular opportunities. Honors students enroll in two Honors Seminar courses, and participate in a two-semester honors project. The Honors Program aims to create a community within the larger Babson community by scheduling academic, social, and cultural offerings.

Unique Opportunities to Grow Outside the Classroom

Students attend a wide range of special programming offered by the Honors Program throughout the year. Programs include social events, community-building activities, and arts performances in the Boston area.

Application Criteria

Students who have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4 in their first year at Babson are invited to apply during the fall semester of their sophomore year. Transfer students who have completed at least one semester at Babson, and meet the minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.4 or higher at Babson, are also invited to apply. The fall semester application cycle is a student’s only opportunity to apply for admission to the Honors Program. Students receive an email invitation during the first week of the fall semester with further instructions on how to submit their application online.

The Honors Council faculty selects students based on a wide variety of factors including academic performance, scholarly passions, and writing ability. The Honors Council considers each applicant’s academic record, letter of application, co-curricular involvement, and interview with Council members in deciding who will be admitted to the program. Space is limited and the process is competitive.

In order to remain in the Honors Program, students are required to:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher at the end of each academic year
  • Attend the Sophomore City as Text Exploration and Cape Cod retreat
  • Enroll in and pass Honors Seminars I and II
  • Complete a two-semester Honors Project with a grade B+ or higher
  • Remain in good disciplinary standing at the College

The Honors Project

The capstone experience of the Honors Program is the year-long Honors Project. Students work closely with one or more faculty members to complete work on either a scholarly project or a scholarly project with a creative component. The project is not simply a research endeavor that synthesizes prior research; rather, it is a substantial contribution to its field of inquiry. The scope of the project depends on the nature of the chosen discipline. Regardless of the area of inquiry, students develop strong research and writing skills.

Program Administration

The Honors Program is administered by a faculty Director, an Associate Director and the Honors Council, which consists of faculty from the various academic divisions. Members of the Honors Council select students for admission to the program, act as liaisons to the honors project, join students at Honors Program activities and events, and set policy for the program.

Leadership Division Office Phone
Director G. Shankar OIM Babson 325 781-239-4470
Associate Director Sabrina Stehly   Hollister 211 781-239-4080
Council Member Division Office Phone
Cristina Alberti Accounting & Law Luksic 321 781-239-5261
Eric Chan Math & Science Babson 314 781-239-5573
Eliana Crosina Entrepreneurship Blank Center 204A 781-239-5820
Sarah Foster Math & Science Kriebel 202 781-239-0000
Leslie Garbarino Accounting & Law Luksic 206 781-239-4321
Sandra Graham Arts & Humanities Hollister 317 781-239-5609
Krista Hill Marketing Malloy 045-109 781-239-5877
Jon Hodge Arts & Humanities Hollister 330 781-239-5335
Laurie Krigman Finance Tomasso 321 781-239-4246
Zhi Li OIM Babson 218E 781-239-3127
Kankana Mukherjee Economics Westgate 103 781-239-4044
Paul Schmitz History & Society Hollister 328 781-239-4975
Scott Taylor Management Tomasso 229 781-239-5668