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Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Academic Affairs manages the academic strategy and operations of the Undergraduate School, which includes providing program support across the curriculum.

Undergraduate Academic Affairs works directly with the academic divisions on management of course offerings, support of concentrations and setting academic policy. The team oversees many programs and activities that support student academic excellence, and promotes the mission and goals of Babson College to external constituents. The programs supported include:

Academic Excellence

Undergraduate Academic Affairs also manages and supports the Parent’s Executive Committee, the Undergraduate Academic Policy Committee, the Undergraduate Council, and the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). The team collaborates with multiple constituencies on campus to create and maintain an environment supporting academic excellence for students and the effective delivery of the undergraduate program.

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Wendy Murphy

Wendy Murphy

Associate Dean, Academic Programs

Tracey Reza, Associate Dean, Administration

Tracey Reza

Associate Dean, Administration

Rob Major Director, Undergraduate Administration

Rob Major

Director, Undergraduate Administration

Sarah Rivera

Assistant, Undergraduate Academic Affairs


Experiential Learning

Shamar Cole, Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning

Shamar Cole

Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning

Kate D’Angelo, Associate Director, Experiential Learning

Kate D’Angelo

Associate Director, Experiential Learning & Academic Excellence

Jackie Harris, Program Manager, Experiential Learning

Jackie Harris

Program Manager, Experiential Learning

Elissa Kempisty, Program Coordinator, Advanced Experiential Learning

Elissa Kempisty

Program Coordinator, Advanced Experiential Learning

Arline MacCormack, Associate Director, Advanced Experiential Learning

Arline MacCormack

Associate Director, Advanced Experiential Learning

Capucine Megard, Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning

Capucine Megard

Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning

Honors Program

Sabrina Stehly, Associate Director, Honors Program

Sabrina Stehly

Associate Director, Honors Program