Credit score picTips & Tricks for Managing Credit

Credit cards can offer many benefits but also create stress. This workshop will help you learn to manage your credit cards and avoid fees and traps. You will also learn about credit reports and credit scores and what steps you can take to improve your financial standing.


Calculator and dollarsManaging Your Money to Build Your Best Life

Want to take control of your money but aren't sure where to start? Join us to learn how to build a budget, manage your spending, and save for the future.

calculator and graduation capBuilding a Financial Plan for College

Attending college can cost a lot of money, so you want to be prepared. Learn how to build a financial plan to help you manage your money, reduce stress, and have a little fun!

Bank iconBecoming Bank Savvy

Choosing a bank and bank accounts can be easy if you understand your choices. What are the differences between checking and saving accounts? Money market accounts? Certificates of deposit? This workshop will help you choose a bank and accounts that are right for you.

Paycheck iconUnderstanding Your Paycheck

Do you wonder how taxes, health insurance, and retirement savings affect your take-home pay or how your status as self-employed or an employee impacts your earnings? This workshop will help you understand paycheck deductions and the financial implications of your job options.

Umbrella iconPreparing for the Unexpected

Life as an independent adult requires some careful planning. How can you be ready for the challenges ahead? This workshop will help you organize your financial and legal matters and safeguard your financial accounts and possessions.

Graduation cap and dollars iconMaking Student Loans Work for You

Student loans can help you invest in your future but can be a source of financial stress. This debt can linger for years if not properly managed. Understand how student loans can work for you and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Briefcase iconMaking the Most of Your Workplace Benefits

Many employees don't take advantage of the benefits that their employer offers. Join us to understand how to choose a health insurance plan, a retirement plan, and investments for retirement.

Investing returns iconGetting Started with Investing

Do you want to begin investing but don't know where to start? This fun and interactive workshop will help you learn about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs and how to choose investments that make sense for you.

Bulls Eye iconInvesting to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Once you know the basics of investing, how do you build an investment portfolio that will grow and preserve your wealth? Diversification, asset allocation, fees, and taxes all play a role. Join us to learn how to build an investment portfolio that meets your needs.

Piggy bank iconSaving to Build Your Best Life

Saving can help you reach your life goals. Saving even a small amount of money each week can dramatically improve your financial future! Join us to learn how to save for emergencies, short-term goals such as vacations, and long-term goals such as retirement.

Car iconBuying vs. Leasing a Car

Are you ready to get a car but don't know where to start? Join us to learn how to get the best deal on a car and the pros and cons of borrowing vs. leasing.

House iconThe Ins and Outs of Buying a House

Are you dreaming of owning a home but not sure where to start? Learn about mortgage preapprovals, the costs of closing on a house, down payments, and how mortgages work. Make buying a home your reality.

Credit card iconChoosing a Credit Card that Meets Your Needs

Choosing a credit card that meets your financial needs can be confusing. Learn how to analyze the terms and features of credit cards to find one that works well for you.

Stethoscope iconChoosing a Health Insurance Plan that Meets Your Needs

Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical expenses. Choosing the right policy can help you cover your costs, avoid medical debt, and give you peace of mind. Join us to learn how to compare the terms and costs of your health insurance options.