Honors Program Administration

The Honors Program is administered by a faculty Director, an Associate Director and the Honors Council, which consists of faculty from the various academic divisions.

Members of the Honors Council select students for admission to the program, act as liaisons to the honors project, join students at Honors Program activities and events, and set policy for the program.

Director Division Office Phone
G. Shankar OIM Babson 325 781-239-4470
Council Members
​Richard Bliss Finance ​Tomasso 324 781-239-5883​
Eric Chan Math and Science Babson 314 781-239-5573
Alia Crocker Management Olin 249 781-239-4538
Eliana Crosina Entrepreneurship Blank Center Rm. 204A 781-239-5820
Sarah Foster Math and Science Kriebel 202 781-239-0000
Leslie Garbarino Accounting and Law Luksic 206 781-239-4321
Sandra Graham Arts and Humanities Hollister 317 781-239-5609
Krista Hill Marketing Malloy 045-109 781-239-5877
Jon Hodge Arts and Humanities Hollister 330 781-239-5335
Zhi Li OIM Babson 218E 781-239-3127
Benjamin Luippold Accounting and Law Luksic 204 781-239-5995
Kankana Mukherjee Economics Westgate 103 781-239-4044
Paul Schmitz History and Society Hollister 328 781-239-4975