From Institute to College


  • Babson Institute reopens on October 1st with 76 students.
  • The Poor’s Printing Building is purchased and renamed for Babson associate and accounting teacher Dwight G. W. Hollister.


  • On July 1st, Edward Barnard Hinckley becomes the fourth President of Babson Institute.
  • The Class of 1949 enters Babson Institute to find that the personal secretaries, maid service, and the time clock, all fixtures of pre-war Babson, had disappeared.
  • Roger W. Babson founds his third school called Utopia College in Eureka, Kansas.
  • •The 1946 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The first bachelor degree (B.S.B.A.) is awarded at the June Commencement.
  • The first Founders Day is celebrated on November 14th.
  • The 1500 pound, 42 inch diameter Hotchkin Bell is hung in the Babson Institute Library (now Tomasso Hall.)
  • In May, the Cup ’n Saucer opens in Park Manor.
  • Volume 1, #1 of the Babson News begins the post-WWII student press. It is renamed “Babson Beaver” by its third issue.
  • •The 1947 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The first class to enter Babson in the new three-year undergraduate program receives its Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degrees.
  • Songs of the Babson Institute is published.
  • President Hinckley begins his column “Our Mutual Enterprise” in the October 8th issue of the Babson Beaver.
  • •The 1948 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The John E. Millea Swimming Pool in Peavey Hall is dedicated on November 10th.
  • The Student Christian Hour has its first meeting on November 11th.
  • •The 1949 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The B.S.B.A. is accredited by the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools effective December 1st.
  • George W. Coleman, Babson’s second president, dies on July 31st.
  • •The 1950 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The new Park Manor North residence hall opens in the fall.
  • The first class of 25 enters the newly formed two-year MBA.
  • •The 1951 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The Institute purchases buildings and grounds from the Channing Sanitarium - now known as Woodland Hill and chiefly graduate student housing - with the intent of locating the new graduate program on the site.
  • Babson Institute is elected to membership in the New England Conference on Athletics, officially beginning its intercollegiate sports programs.
  • •The 1952 Babsonian (pdf)


  • A Newton Apple Tree is purchased from the Pennsylvania Historical Commission and is prepared for planting on the Babson Institute grounds.
  • Ground is broken for the Babson World Globe on May 30th.
  • The first MBAs (six in all) are awarded at the June Commencement.
  • •The 1953 Babsonian (pdf)


  • Wilson F. Payne becomes the first Dean of the Graduate School.
  • Husband and wife team of Kal Kubinyi and Doris Hall are engaged to create the paneled "skin" of the Babson World Globe.
  • •The 1954 Babsonian (pdf)


  • Roger W. Babson resigns as Chairman of the Corporation.
  • Babson Institute holds its first Honors Day on May 19th.
  • The Babson World Globe is dedicated on June 18th.
  • The Board of Trustees vote to change the name of the Babson Institute Library to the Sir Isaac Newton Library.
  • Hall of Flags is dedicated in the Sir Isaac Newton Library on April 19th.
  • The Babson Chair is offered for the first time.
  • •The 1955 Babsonian (pdf)


  • Babson’s original diploma and program, the one-year Certificate in Business Administration, is no longer offered.
  • Grace Knight Babson, Roger’s wife, business partner, and force behind acquisition of the Newton Collection, dies on April 30th.
  • Edward Hinckley resigns as President.
  • •The 1956 Babsonian (pdf)


  • Gordon Mariner Trim is elected Babson’s 5th President on March 4th.
  • The Babson Dramatic Club performs Good News on Mar 2nd.
  • On June 1st, Roger Babson marries long-time associate, Nona Dougherty.
  • The last issue of the Babson Beaver is published on October 24th. The student newspaper reemerges as the Babson Globe News on October 31st. It published until 1961.
  • •The 1957 Babsonian (pdf)


  • Nathaniel Wright II becomes the first African-American to receive a degree at Babson Institute.
  • Liberians John R. H. Bright and Lafayette K. Morgan become the first Africans to graduate from Babson, earning their B.S.B.A.s in March.
  • •The 1958 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The Babson Institute Theatre Guild performs The Boy Friend on February 21st.
  • The Boston Celtics begin use of Peavey Gym for pre-season workouts, which continues for several years.
  • The Children’s Convalescent Hospital is purchased and eventually becomes Forest Hall.
  • Earliest known photograph of the Babson Beaver as mascot appears in this year’s Babsonian.
  • •The 1959 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The last class required to take Industry Analysis. (Only those who were required to take this course really know what this meant.)
  • •The 1960 Babsonian (pdf)


  • President Gordon Trim dies suddenly on May 5th. Henry August Kriebel, Dean of Faculty and Professor of Accounting, becomes Babson’s 6th President on June 5th.
  • The Exec (later Executive) begins publication.
  • The Evening (aka Part-time) MBA program begins in September with an enrollment of 60. It is directed by Economics Professor Frank Genovese. The program is co-ed from the beginning with several women enrolled but no woman completes an MBA until Carolyn Levosky in 1969.
  • The prospect of tenure is made available to Babson faculty for the first time.
  • •The 1961 Babsonian (pdf)


  • The new student newspaper, The Exec, completes it first year of publication.
  • Henry Kriebel is inaugurated on February 9th.
  • •The 1962 Babsonian (pdf)


  • Roger Babson’s second wife, Nona, dies on July 13th.
  • Ground breaking for the Trim Dining Hall occurs on October 3rd.
  • Latin motto “Navis Commericii Institum Babsonis 1919” is seen from October 30th.
  • •The 1963 Babsonian (pdf)



  • Babson Institute offers a $1,000 scholarship for any son of any member of the U.S.S. Thresher (SSN 593). The Thresher went down during a deep dive in the North Atlantic, April 9, 1963.
  • The Division of Distribution becomes the Marketing Division on April 30th.


  • Brian Miller Barefoot, former Chairman of the Babson College Board of Trustees (1996–2001), and the 11th President of Babson College (2001–2008), receives his B.S.B.A.


  • Roger Ward Babson, founder of Babson College, dies on March 5th at the age of 91.
  • Last sighting of the Latin motto on April 19th.