Books of Roger Ward Babson

Roger Ward Babson (1875–1967), founder of Babson College, had many careers and interests, including being a columnist and speaker.

He was a prolific writer who published more than fifty books. His writings range from the fundamentals of business to a tourist guide to Cape Anne to the importance of religion in daily life. Most of these books are available in the Babson Collection which is housed on the second floor of the Horn Library. The Babson College Archives has produced a biographical sketch of Mr. Babson.

There are a few sources on the life and times of Roger Babson. These can be found in the library collection. The best examples include:

Actions and Reactions: An Autobiography of Roger W. Babson

Second Revised Edition. HA23.B3 A3 1950. Babson Collection.

In 1935, at the age of 60, Mr. Babson wrote his autobiography. In this volume he describes his life and work and summarizes his personal philosophy. Fifteen years later he revised the book by adding chapters which take the reader to his 74th year. This is the basic resource for information on Mr. Babson. The Babson College Archives has made this revised edition available in PDF format.

Title and Copyright Pages, TOC, Preface, and Chapters 1-4 (pdf)
Chapters 5-9 (pdf)
Chapters 9-13 (pdf)
Chapters 13-16 (pdf)
Chapters 16-20 (pdf)
Chapters 20-24 (pdf)
Chapters 24-28 (pdf)
Chapters 28-31 (pdf)
Chapters 31-34 (pdf)
Chapters 34-35, Addenda, and Index (pdf)
Illustrations 1-5 (pdf)
Illustrations 6-11 (pdf)
Illustrations 12-18 (pdf)
Illustrations 19-25 (pdf)
Illustration 26 (pdf)
Illustrations 27-32 (pdf)
Illustrations 33-38 (pdf)
Illustrations 39-43 (pdf)

Roger W. Babson, A Reminiscence

HA23.B3 K4X. Stacks and Reserve.

Roger W. Babson is fondly remembered by friends Paul B. Kenyon and Philip S. Weld in this slender 1982 volume.

“Roger W. Babson and his Major Contemporaries.”

HB3730.G5. Stacks.

Roger Babson’s forecasting methodology is examined in the context of the work of other analysts of his day in former Babson Accounting Professor Horace Given’s 1975 New York University Ph. D. Dissertation.

Yankee Genius: A Biography of Roger W. Babson

HB3730 .S5 1954. Stacks.

Long-time Babson associate, and Babson Institute graduate, Earl Smith edited Mr. Babson’s autobiography to produce this 1954 volume.

Good Man Gone Wrong? Roger Babson and the Church

BX7260.B115 S5 1940. Babson Collection.

Roger Babson’s experiences as a national church moderator are discussed in Harry Shumway’s book.

Easy Street

HF5386.B18 1930. Babson Collection.

Mr. Babson shares a story of a man and his road to “Easy Street.” Available both in the Babson Collection and as a PDF.

Easy Street (pdf)

Cheer Up!

Fourth Edition. HB3711.B3 1932. Babson Collection.

Roger Babson’s thoughts during the depths of the “Great Depression” are available in the Babson Collection or by PDF.

Title and Copyright Pages, TOC, Forward, and Chapters I-II (pdf)
Chapters II-IV, and Epilogue (pdf)