Prepare Entrepreneurs of All Kinds

Babson’s Centennial strategy is focused on preparing entrepreneurs of all kinds to lead in a new way, creating social and economic value simultaneously and, in doing so, transforming lives, businesses, and communities for the better.

How do we prepare entrepreneurs of all kinds?

Intentional Diversity

  • Babson’s entrepreneurial leaders represent all ethnicities, genders, and religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • We leverage our diversity to develop globally minded, culturally competent entrepreneurial leaders.

Transformative Experience

  • Student-centered faculty and staff are committed to excellence.
  • Babson provides a highly integrated liberal arts and management education, with emphasis on real-world learning inside and outside the classroom and building technological capability.
  • Social, Environmental, Economic Responsibility and Sustainability (SEERS) is woven into the fabric of our students’ experience—from day one.

Universal Impact

Students are prepared to apply Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® in all settings and contexts—corporations, startups, family-owned businesses, governments, nonprofits, NGOs, and social enterprises around the world.