Definition of Terms

Required Training

Each person seeking to serve as an Authorized Adult shall complete a training program on the protection of children from abuse, which program shall be approved by the Risk Manager and Director of Youth Programs in consultation of others as appropriate.   

Authorized Adult

A person 18 or older who has completed the Babson College Minor and Vulnerable Adult Safety Authorization Process and is a Babson College employee, or a similar process required by an External Party. 


Shall mean children under the age of 18.

Vulnerable Adults

Shall mean a person fourteen years of age or older who (1) is admitted to a mental health facility or to a community based or residential facility, or (2) is receiving community based services through the Department of Developmental Services or the Department of Mental Health or the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, or (3) is a resident of a long-term care facility, or (4) has a developmental disability, is incapacitated, or who has the functional, mental, or physical inability to care for himself or herself.


All activities, placements, camps, and programs involving Minors or Vulnerable Adults that take place: (i) on property owned or controlled by Babson (whether hosted by Babson or a third party); (ii) in or on Babson facilities (whether hosted by Babson or a third party); or (iii) under the authority and direction or with the direct involvement of the College, whether on or off-campus and whether the activity occurs one time or recurs.   

Program Director

The person overseeing the operation of a Program.  This person will have direct connection with the Office of Summer and Youth Programs. 


The Babson College department or community member requesting use of College facilities for an External Party.


For purposes of this Policy, Bullying shall mean: the repeated use by one or more persons of written, verbal or electronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at a target that:

  1. Causes physical or emotional harm
  2. Places the target in reasonable fear or harm to himself/herself
  3. Creates a hostile environment for the target
  4. Infringes on the rights of the target while participating; OR
  5. Materially and substantially disrupts the process or orderly operation of the program.

Direct Contact

Contact with a Minor or Vulnerable Adult program participant, whether intentional or unintentional, as part of one’s role in a Program.

External Party

An activity or event that is planned, controlled, and executed by an organization other than a College entity.   Examples include, but are not limited to Big Brothers and Sisters, Special Olympics of Massachusetts, North Hill Retirement Community, and Charles River Center.  External Programs will license the use of campus facilities through one of the College’s standard facilities licensing agreements.

Incident Reporting Requirements

If an incident requires medical attention by medical personnel such as a first responder or certified health care individual. The incident must be documented and reported to the Director of Youth Protection within 12 hours of the incident.

Examples of a non-reportable incidents are defined as: A wound or other specific damage to the body such as, but not limited to, abrasions, splinters, bites that do not break the skin, minor discoloration of the skin and bruises. The injury may require first aid treatment but does not require medical attention by medical personnel. Injury Report Form

Mandated Reporters (College)

All Babson community members, including but not limited to:

  1. The College President
  2. Vice President, Academic Affairs & Dean of the College
  3. Chief Financial Officer
  4. General Counsel
  5. Vice President, Learner Success & Dean of Campus Life
  6. Title IX Coordinator
  7. Risk Manager
  8. Athletic Director
  9. Any director of a clinic, student health center, athletic facility or similar facility maintained by Babson College to provide medical, athletic training, psychological or mental health counseling services principally for use by Babson College employees or students
  10. Contractors and/or consultants who, while representing or serving Babson or otherwise participating in a Program.

Mandated Reporters (Commonwealth)

All members of the Babson College community and contractors/consultants who, while representing or serving Babson College or otherwise participating in a Program, and are interacting directly with Minors or Vulnerable Adults.

One-On-One Contact

A type of Direct Contact involving interaction, virtual, or face-to-face, between an adult and a Minor or Vulnerable Adult without at least one other adult, parent or legal guardian being present.