Virtual Programming Limitations Involving Minors



  1. The College shall not allow College licensed virtual platforms to be used by External Parties.
  2. Only those licensed virtual platforms supported by Babson ITSD may be used as part of a platform for Internal Programming. (e.g., Canvas, WebEx).

Age Restrictions for Virtual Programming 

Virtual programming for Minors must be limited to children aged 13 and over.

Disable Individual Chat Feature

The individual chat feature is to be disabled.  All chats must be visible to all participants.

No Full Names

Only the first names of Minors or Vulnerable Adults should be visible on screen.

No Contact Information Provided

Each individual Internal Program is not to share Program participants’ contact information with other participants before during or after the program dates.   


Participant to staff member ratios for virtual Programs should never be less than two registered, trained, and approved Babson College employees, to one minor participant, and never more than two adults per ten minors. This includes small group or break-out sessions.

Faculty, staff, students and volunteers are never allowed to be alone in virtual spaces with Minor or Vulnerable Adult participants in a Program. This includes small group or break-out sessions.