Babson College will be altering regular operations due to the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Community FAQ and Resource Guide

For questions or concerns not addressed through our communications, please email


How should students notify the College if they contract the virus?
If you have been diagnosed somewhere other than Babson, you should contact Babson Health Services. As a reminder, if you are feeling ill, stay home. Students who are sick on campus should contact Health Services to schedule an appointment, or visit a local urgent care center. Staff and faculty who are sick or have questions about their health are strongly encouraged to contact their personal physician or contact an urgent care center.

Where can I go if I'm not feeling well when Babson Health Services is closed?
If you are not feeling well, are still on campus, and Babson Health Services is closed, please call one of the following preferred urgent care centers:

Newton-Wellesley Urgent Care Center - Waltham
Address: 9 Hope Avenue (located in the Children’s Hospital Building), Waltham, MA 02453
Phone: 617-243-5590

Carewell Urgent Care, Needham
922 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA 02494
Phone: 781-400-1383

CVS Pharmacy - Minute Clinic
188 Linden St. (located in Linden Square), Wellesley, MA 02481
Phone: 781-235-0219

What can I expect from online coursework?
Babson is using Webex, a virtual meeting application that allows you to see, speak to, and communicate with remote participants, in real time. Your professor can share documents and interactive media, invite students to share content, and engage with you and your classmates in real-time participation. These sessions will be conducted during the normal class schedule and recorded unless otherwise noted by your professor.  

I am an undergraduate student. Will I continue to get letter grades or will my courses now be pass-fail?
For the Spring 2020 semester you can:

  • Continue to earn letter grades for all of your courses; or
  • Select any or all of your courses to be taken using pass-fail grades.

Next Steps

If you seek letter grades for all of your courses, no further action is needed.

If you would like to select course(s) to be taken pass/fail, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Using your Babson account, email your professor with a cc: to
  • In the subject line type “Pass-Fail” followed by the course code. As an example, if you select to take the course Negotiations using pass-fail grades the email subject line would be Pass-Fail MOB3580-01. Your course code and section number can be found in the student portal.
  • No additional content is needed in the email.

The deadline for declaring a course pass-fail is April 29th, the last day of classes (prior to finals period).  Note, a separate email should be sent for each course you select for pass-fail.

If you are unable to engage in a course and complete course requirements, please discuss your situation in a timely manner with your professor and class dean to determine if an “incomplete” should be taken.

Why has the decision been made to give undergraduate students a choice between letter grades and pass-fail?
We were intentional in giving you the rest of the semester to immerse yourself in the online learning experience and assess your performance in the context of the learning modalities and the conditions you are taking your coursework. You are encouraged to reflect carefully on your decision and to seek the guidance of your class dean, career advisor, and/or faculty member. We all remain available to support you.

How do letter grades, and "pass" or "fail" grades, affect my GPA?
Letter grades continue to have the same GPA weight and appropriate application of degree credits.

A “pass” grade in a course earns credits toward your degree, as appropriate meets academic requirements, and does not affect your GPA. A grade of “fail” has the same significant impact as an “F” letter grade, it will lower your GPA and credits will not be applied toward your degree.

If I choose pass-fail, how will I be graded?
Your professor’s course level grading rubric and expectations for learning still apply. To earn a “pass grade” you must earn the equivalent of a passing letter grade. Please seek guidance from the student handbook or your professor as needed.

Half-semester courses that ended before we shifted to all courses being online are not eligible for pass-fail grading.

Will I still be eligible for the Dean's List if I choose pass-fail? 

To be eligible for the Dean’s List this semester you must earn a semester GPA of 3.3 and be enrolled in a minimum of 12-credits of courses that are receiving letter grades.  As an example, you are eligible for the Dean’s List with 16-credits of letter grades and 4-credits of pass/fail.

What support is available to students who have never taken an online course?
To read detailed instructions on how to use Webex, or to try out a test session, visit the student portal. For additional inquiries and support, please contact the IT Support center at 781-239-4357 or for questions that do not require an urgent response, email  

Will students be able to access all of the same resources and support?
All student support offices from Academic Services, Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Glavin Office of International Education, Career Development Center, Student Financial Services, Public Safety, and deans’ offices among others will remain open and available throughout the academic year. We will be here to provide assistance, answers, support, and encouragement. As you all have been asked to adapt, we, too, will adapt to support and help you to navigate the remainder of the semester.

Will summer session courses be offered in person or online only?
All summer 2020 undergraduate courses will be offered online only. Decisions on graduate courses are forthcoming.

What changes have been made to Babson's Study Abroad programs?
Based on the guidance of our partners and the US Department of State’s Level 3 Global Travel Advisory we have advised all students who were studying abroad to return home. The Glavin Office of International Education is working directly with these students to assist with the decisions they are facing. 

How can I return my textbook rentals at the end of the semester?
At the end of the semester you can sign into your rental account at: and print a free return shipping label to ship back to your store. On the Rentals page, click “Return all Rentals by Mail” to begin. To avoid any late fees, return all rented books to the bookstore by the return date on your receipt or packing slip.”

Will the College’s decision to transition to online courses impact my immigration status?
While F-1/J-1 student immigration regulations place certain limitations to online instruction, the U.S. government recognizes that there are extenuating circumstances due to COVID-19. Guidance received by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on March 9th is that they intend to be flexible with the temporary adjustment to the class delivery. Provided that international students can continue to make normal progress in a full course of study as required by federal regulations, students’ legal immigration status is maintained, whether in the U.S. or outside the U.S.

What if I can’t or do not want to leave the U.S.?
We realize that leaving campus on short notice will be difficult and challenging, and there will be extenuating circumstances for some international students. You do not have to depart the U.S. if you are able to make other arrangements or live off-campus. However, if you live in on-campus housing you should submit a petition to remain on campus. Approval is not guaranteed but you should include any information about why you need to remain on campus. Think through the following: the validity of your immigration documents (U.S. student visa/passport), the CDC or U.S. State Department Level of Risk for your home country, personal or family health concerns, financial concerns, work authorization concerns (CPT/OPT/AT).

Will I be able to return to the U.S.?
As guidance and restrictions due to the Coronavirus are constantly changing, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to re-enter the U.S. due to any restrictions by the U.S. government for health concerns. However, if your immigration documents are in order for re-entry to the U.S., and you are still within your program of study you should be able to re-enter using your student visa as you normally would after any vacation or school break (even if it has been more than 5 months.) Never enter the U.S. as a tourist during your program of study.

Do I need to get my I-20 signed before I leave?
The signature on your Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 must be less than 12 months old when re-entering the U.S. during your program of study. Email for guidance. 

I want to apply for work authorization, what do I do?
You must be in the U.S. in F-1 status in order to apply for CPT work authorization (internships) or OPT work authorization (graduating students). Learn about CPT or OPT here. For J-1 students you must also be in the U.S. in order to apply for Academic Training (AT). Learn about AT here.

I currently have an internship and CPT authorization. Do I have to stop it? What if I want to depart the U.S.?
First, you should speak with your employer to come to a mutual understanding about you being able to complete the rest of your internship. You can continue your internship if you plan to remain in the U.S. but are limited to the 20/hours per week and date range you were authorized for. If you wish to end your internship early, you will need to email so that your CPT authorization dates can be updated before you stop working. You are responsible for completing any academic components that are connected to your CPT authorization.

I am an international student that was admitted to Babson. Will I still be able to come to the U.S. to begin my program?
Congratulations! We are very much excited to welcome you to campus in a few months! Please follow guidance found at as an incoming international student. The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) team is in contact with graduate students after their first deposit is received and with undergraduates around the May 1st deadline. ISSS will work as quickly as possible to provide your Form I-20 to you as quickly as possible. There are increasingly many travel restrictions around the world with things continuing to change daily. The U.S. Department of State has reported temporary closures and delays at consulates and embassies. Please review your local visa wait times and U.S. student visa procedures at your local U.S. consulate or embassy.

I have other immigration related questions, who do I contact?
We understand you likely have concerns about the uncertainties ahead related to travel and entry into the US. Please know that we are here to continue to work with you to obtain the documents for your student visa application. Please contact the Glavin Office of International Education at 781-239-4565 or You can also find some adjustments to ISSS services here. Please do not feel that you have to come to campus. We will work with you to accommodate virtual meetings via webex/skype/phone along with the mailing of documents.

Will the Undergraduate and Graduate Career Development Centers and their resources (i.e. Handshake) still be available throughout spring semester?
All student support offices, including Undergraduate and Graduate Career Development Centers, will remain open and available throughout the academic year. 

Advising appointments and access to all technology platforms, including Handshake, VMock, Aspire, and CareerBeam, will continue virtually. We are in communication with our employer partners who are recruiting and hosting MCFE projects and will provide updates when possible. And, we will continue offering an array of programs and workshops, online, to meet the needs of students.

Will a virtual career fair happen?
The Graduate Center for Career Development is exploring the option for a Virtual Career Fair on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

I’m staying on campus through Spring Break, what will be open?

Babson Dining Services

Babson Dining Services will remain open in a limited capacity for the remainder of the spring semester. The dining website will be updated regularly to reflect hours of operations at the various venues.

Student Mail Access after March 20

  • All students must add their mailing address to the Student Portal.
  • Only USPS first class mail will be forwarded to those residing in the U.S. and U.S. Territories automatically. The USPS will not forward to an international address. If you remain/reside in the Boston area after vacating Campus, you are not allowed to come to Campus to pick up mail.
  • Packages from other carriers, ie FED EX, UPS, DHL as well as International Mail will be held on site until further notice.
  • As we cannot forward magazines, please contact the sender and change your mailing address.
  • If you receive monthly bills, please contact vendor and opt for a paperless option. This will help reduce unnecessary mail to Campus.
  • For student approved to remain on Campus beyond March 21, a communication will be sent to you concerning your mail and package access.

Campus Store

Monday to Friday: 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Remember you can always check online for store hours and can give us a call with any questions at 781-239-4375.

Will I receive a refund for room and board? Does this include my meal plan?
Room and board costs, which include all meal plans, will be prorated for the seven-week remainder of the year for all students who left campus by Saturday, March 21.

You will receive this amount as a credit on your student account.

How do I request a refund check or EFT?
If you wish to receive a refund check, or EFT, from any resulting credit balance, please initiate the request on the Babson Hub under SFS, then select ‘Refund Request’.

Is the refund process different if I was approved for a later check-out?
Yes. If you have been approved for later check-out by the College, your credit will be prorated based on your actual check-out date.

What is the process if I am a financial aid recipient?
If you are a financial aid recipient, your credit will be adjusted proportionally based on your Babson or institutional grant.

Is Babson hosting events?
In our ongoing effort to help protect the Babson Community and minimize exposure to COVID-19, we have canceled all in person gatherings of more than 10 people until further notice. Other events have been postponed, restricted or have moved to a virtual format. Please check our events webpage daily for updates. For additional information please email or call us at 781-239-5265.

Can we have in-person gatherings on Babson campuses?
At this time the College is restricting organized public and internal events/gatherings on all Babson campuses to no more than 10 persons until further notice. We realize that this restriction may impact some business operations but our priority is mitigating potential exposure of COVID-19 as best we can and we will be reassessing these restrictions regularly. 

What is the status of Babson Athletics?
We have made the difficult decision to cancel all spring sport seasons effective Monday, March 16. 

Will you still host on-campus undergraduate or graduate admissions sessions/visits?

Babson College will not be holding any on-campus admissions activities, including information sessions, tours, or other programming at this time. Despite the suspension of on-campus events, there are many ways to connect with us virtually. Take on online tour of campus, connect with an admission counselor, and be on the lookout for other virtual programming soon.

Why has Babson decided to suspend all Spring 2020 semester abroad?
The U.S. Department of State issued a new Level 3 Global Travel Advisory as of 3/12/20. As per the Babson Travel Abroad & Return policy, we are required to suspend all college-sponsored education abroad programs.

Can I come back to Babson if I don’t want to or can’t return home?
Unfortunately, no. Babson has moved to virtual learning for all students as we seek to protect our community from the evolving global health situation.

My program has been suspended, will I receive credit for the semester?
Babson is committed to academic continuity for all education abroad students. Please work with your host program, education abroad advisor and class dean to map out your specific circumstances. Please contact if you have additional questions.

My March break Elective Abroad was suspended. Will I get my program fee back?
Yes, the program fee will be refunded. The Glavin Office of International Education is currently working on processing refunds and an email will be sent to students with the details of their refund.

Will my May Elective Abroad/Summer Education Abroad program continue to run?
We are currently assessing May/Summer education abroad. If you are enrolled in a May Elective Abroad or Summer Education Abroad program, we will communicate with you directly once we have more information in the coming days. Thank you for your patience.

How can I help current Babson students affected by the Coronavirus situation?
The most immediate and impactful way you can help right now is through The Emergency Fund. Our campus partners have shared their needs, and all donations will be used to assist students who currently:

  • Have unexpected travel expenses due to the college transitioning to remote learning
  • Need resources like Wi-Fi to access online classrooms
  • Had to secure offsite storage of personal items due to residence halls closing
  • Made alternate accommodations with summer plans changing
  • Require temporary financial support while refunds are processed for food and shelter

In addition, several of our work study students, and those with internships have been impacted. The Emergency Fund will assist those who rely on a paycheck and are in need of immediate financial support. We are asking alumni to assist our campus partners with securing internships, permanent job placements and providing other mentoring opportunities.

In the coming weeks and months it’s possible that our Admissions staff may be unable to travel. As a result we may also need assistance recruiting and yielding the next generation of Babson students (and future alumni!).

If you can assist with student career placement, admission recruitment and yield, or have ideas of how you can help please email us.

Lastly, this is a disappointing way for the Class of 2020 and our graduate students who are graduating, to conclude their Babson campus experience. If you have creative ideas of how we can make this year special for them, please reach out to us. The College anticipates moving forward with Commencement-related activities and will communicate those plans as soon as they are finalized.

What resources are available to help faculty members shift to online learning?
The College has communicated several resources available to faculty, including:

  • The Academic Technology Innovation (ATI) Center: Frequent training sessions are underway about technology usage in the classroom; faculty can register here. There is also a self-paced online tutorial to get started, or to brush up on skills. The one stop for all of these options, and further information on teaching with technology, is the “Be Ready For Anything” page on the Faculty Portal. Faculty can also stop by the ATI Center during business hours and talk directly to staff.
  • Technical Support: Faculty can contact the IT Service Center at 781-239-5400 or email 24 hours a day.
  • Equipment: If laptops or other technology are needed, the IT Service Center can assist

I have students who must miss our online class because they are ill. How can I support them?
Just like in any situation where a student is not able to attend class due to an illness, you should support that student with access to content and resources needed to maintain connection to the coursework while they recover.

Encourage students who are ill to contact their academic advisor for assistance with managing any academic responsibilities while ill. Those who are experiencing disruption to their classes have several resources to help with continuity and connection to campus, including:

  • Class Deans
  • The Glavin Office of International Education
  • Health Services
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Electronic access to ITSD, library services, the student portal, and all other digital learning resources

Also, we have many students who may be affected emotionally by this situation, and they can seek support through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

What is the expectation of me, as a faculty member, to teach class if I'm ill?
With any situation where class needs to be cancelled due to illness, we expect that you will work with your students to continue progress and reach out to your Division Chair if extended time is needed. Faculty or staff who are sick or have questions about their health are strongly encouraged to contact their personal physician or contact an urgent care center.

I've heard about students feeling discriminated against. Where can they seek resources?
The college asks that all students review the CDC anti-stigma guidelines issued recently regarding coronavirus. The CDC advises that we collectively focus on the disease that is causing the problem and avoid casting blame on individuals, cultures or nationalities.

Technical Support

>> If you have any technical difficulties or cannot access critical applications and files remotely, please contact the Babson IT Support Center for assistance at or by 24x7 telephone coverage at 781-239-4357 <<

Office Hours

>> Looking for answers to your questions about using Webex Meetings or Webex Teams? Babson ITSD is providing office hours to help get everyone up to speed on two key tools to help keep you connected while you’re working remotely. Click here to see the list of office hours.<<

Helpful Tools and Tips for Working Online

For Babson employees working from off campus, ITSD would like to highlight several resources that may be securely accessed online from most any PC/laptop and mobile device. Explore the available resources and tools. 

On-CampusUse Online Resources

Need to meet with your team?  Use Webex Meetings! Use Webex Meetings to instantly launch an online meeting or calls, with or without video!  Webex Meetings allows for easy screen sharing and optional recording.


Messaging and Team Collaboration

Have a quick question?  Use Webex Teams to connect with your colleague instantly!  Webex Teams has many powerful features that Babson ITSD plans to introduce in the coming months.  However, it is one of the easiest tools to use for instant messaging. Use this “Slack-like” tool that allows you to collaborate with colleagues.

Phone Calls

If one of your primary job responsibilities is answering incoming calls, you should set up forwarding to your cell phone (contact the IT Support Center if Babson needs to provide a temporary one). Other employees will likely want to simply plan to regularly check their voicemail, and if it matters to callers, update their outgoing voicemail greeting.

Forward phones and frequently check voicemail
Share Drives Share files using your Babson login on Google Drive (you may need to toggle between your Babson account and personal account if you’re already logged into your personal Gmail/Drive account).
Desktop or Laptop/
Docking Station
Bring your Babson laptop, charger and mouse home, or use a home PC/laptop so you can work remotely.
Special Access Requirements Some services can only be accessed by certain computers due to IP address restrictions which were put in place to ensure those services are accessed securely.  If you know that you have these special requirements, please contact the IT Support Center to request assistance.
Other Needs Should you find that you have other, specific technology needs, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Service Center and they will work to provide you with what you need.
Paper Files Ensure confidential paper files remain on campus. Take home non-confidential files.
Standard Email
Update to indicate you are working remotely IF it would matter to recipients - depending on your role, it may not.

Other Needs?

Contact the
IT Support Center

Call 781.239.4357 or email 

>> NOTE: If you have any Babson policy questions about employees working remotely, please contact Babson’s Human Resources department at 781.239.4128 or


I live in a country that prevents internet access to certain sites and resources that are being utilized for Babson communications and in my courses.  What can I do?

Unfortunately, the list of sites and services that are not accessible from within various countries changes regularly and this will be a challenge that our students and faculty will need to navigate together.

  1. If you have used a mechanism to access College resources from your home in the past and it still works, continue to use that to access Babson content and communicate with your professors.
  2. Forward your Babson email to an email service that you can access from home in the event that you lose the ability to access your Babson email.  If you need help with this, please contact the IT Service Center at
  3. Please visit the WebEx Virtual Classroom page on the Student Portal to test your readiness for WebEx and for some country specific requirements.  Contact the IT Service Center with any questions or concerns.
  4. Communicate with your professors and advisors to discuss and address challenges as they arise.  Instructional design and IT resources will be available to support our professors and students as they work through these challenges.

Q. What is the impact on campus operations?

Mail Services

At this time, the Mail Services team will remain on campus, open regular business hours to manage inbound and outbound administrative mail.  All incoming mail and packages will be held in Central Receiving, and we ask that department representative’s pickup mail from that location. We recommend one pick up per week. Outbound mail can be dropped off there as well.  Babson Mail Services will not be delivering mail during this time. Additionally, per WB Mason corporate policy, supplies deliveries will only be made to the Central Receiving dock.  Desktop and remote delivery is not currently available.  Due to scheduling demands, please call or email the Mail Services team prior to your arrival at Central Receiving.

Campus Store

The Campus Store will remain open to serve those patrons on campus and process orders placed online. In addition, the store website is offering FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders. The store’s priority is to ensure the campus community has textbooks and other essential items. Please check the campus store website for updates.


Babson Recreation and Athletic Complex (BRAC) will close beginning Monday, 3/16 at 6:00 pm through April 5th in compliance with Governor Baker’s mandate of gatherings in public places including the closure of Fitness Centers.   

Admin Mail

The Mail Services team has worked to provide continuing service options with safety of all parties as the number one priority.  Accordingly, we would like to share the information below regarding campus administrative mail.

  • Mail Services staff will be on campus full time and the central receiving hours of operation will be Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.  For those not aware, the central receiving department is located behind Sullivan, next to the Canon Copy Center
  • All inbound mail will be sorted and any outbound mail will be processed as usual
  • *Process change* For the safety of our mail team and other campus community members, inbound mail will be held in central receiving; desktop delivery is discontinued for the time being
    • In order to receive inbound mail, Babson community members should call at 781-239-4280 or to the contacts below in advance. The mail team will prepare your mail, and leave it in a box outside the central receiving door immediately prior to your arrival.  Please pick up the inbound, and leave any outbound.
    • All WB Mason orders are included in this process change.  Per their corporate policy, they will only deliver to one location for their clients – desktop delivery is no longer available. 

Student Mail

The Mail Services is offering the following services to students approved to remain on campus after March 21st:

  • The Reynolds student mailroom window will be open Monday to Friday, 11am to 3pm
  • For student and staff safety, we ask that students approved to remain on campus contact the student mailroom at 781-239-4338 or by email to arrange a time to pick up your mail
    • The mail team will prepare your mail, and leave it on the window counter immediately prior to your arrival.
  • Email notification of mail is temporarily unavailable, and it is important that students contact the mailroom to arrange for pickup, prior to your arrival

Below is a list of contacts for the mailroom.  Please reach out for any questions, but note that as part of prioritizing safety, we have a reduction in day to day staffing levels.

Dennis Lawlor 4280
Todd Shea 4298
Steve Keniry 5533
Dave Graham 5627
Rich Paquette 5538
  • Email being monitored regularly:
  • Public Safety: 781-239-5555
  • Health Services: 781-239-6363
  • Human Resources: 781-239-4128
  • Glavin Office of International Education: 781-239-4565