Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my emergency contact information through the Babson portal? What if my phone number or email changes?

If you need to update contact information you should sign into the Babson portal and go to MY INFO located on the top toolbar and select VIEW MY PROFILE. At the next screen you will need to click on EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION located on the left hand side of your screen. This will bring you to the interactive Emergency Notification Form where you can update telephone numbers and email addresses that you would like active for emergency alerts on campus.

How does Babson Emergency Alert (RAVE Mobile Safety) work?  

When the Public Safety Department (PSD) determines that there is an active emergency in which the public safety of most of the campus may be at risk, PSD will initiate an urgent notification through Babson Send Word Now. In order to receive these urgent notification alert messages, faculty, staff and students may register up to ten communication devices, such as email addresses, text message devices, cell phones or desk phones. Registration is through the Babson College Portal.

When will Babson Emergency Alert (RAVE Mobile Safety) be used?  

This system will be used only in the instance of a campus-wide emergency, such as when a major destructive storm is predicted to strike the campus, or when a chemical spill impacts a large portion of campus, or if a person presenting an active threat to the safety of the community is on campus. Please note that these are just a few examples of potential scenarios that may instigate a campus-wide emergency alert.

What kinds of messages will NOT be broadcast via Babson Emergency Alert (RAVE Mobile Safety)?  

The system will NOT be used to send messages regarding inclement weather (e.g. snowstorms), miscellaneous events, nor will it be used to inform about minor incidents that impact only a few people. The system will be used only to notify of major events that impact the majority or all of the campus.

Will the college test Babson Emergency Alert (RAVE Mobile Safety) and will we get advanced notice?  

Babson plans to test the system on a regular basis (once per semester). Advanced notice of exact dates and times for the tests will not be provided. If the message is a test of the system, it will be delivered with the subject line: “TEST: Babson Emergency Alert.” Any message that does not include the word “TEST” should be considered an emergency message.

Once an alert has been sent, will we receive a second “all clear” message?  

Any situation other than a “Test” of the system will end with an “all clear” message.

What should I do when I get an alert?  

The alert message should tell you what if any actions you should take for the situation occurring at that time. It will also inform you that updates will be provided as information becomes available. Unless you have a personal health/safety emergency which requires immediate assistance, or you have additional information pertinent to the alert incident, we ask that you please do not call X5555 (Public Safety Department). Requests for updates about the alert situation should be directed to Public Safety’s Recorded Information Line at 781-239-4636. Public Safety personnel will be very busy working the issue which caused the alert, and non-emergency calls may impede their progress. Updates will be sent as needed.

How will I know the alert is legitimate?  

The alerts will indicate they are an Emergency Alert. The Caller ID for the incoming alert calls will be:

  • Public Safety Department: 781-239-5555
  • Public Safety Recorded Information Line: 781-239-4636

What other ways will the College alert the community about an emergency?  Depending upon the specific situation, there may be other methods the Public Safety Department and the College may use to notify the community about an emergency including television, radio, website, emails and calls to the various Babson departments.

What devices/numbers should I register?  

Students: You MUST register your BABSON email address. You may also add alternate email addresses, and phone numbers. You should register the telephone numbers that most frequently reach you, such as a mobile phone number, and any alternate phone numbers. Please do not list your parent’s phone numbers or any other phone numbers other than your own. Staff and Faculty: You MUST register your BABSON email address. You may also add alternate email addresses, and phone numbers. Please include your own personal number and not that of your receptionist. If you do not have a direct-dial office phone number but share one with others within your department, please be sure to also register your personal cell phone number and any other alternate phone numbers.

Is there a charge for registering for the Emergency Alert system?  

No. Babson will not charge a fee. However, by registering for this service, please note that you are responsible for charges made by mobile service providers related to text messages and mobile phone calls - for both actual and test messages. We expect to test the Alert system at least once a semester.

Is my contact information confidential? Will my contact information be shared with anyone?  

The contact data that you enter will be provided to the third-party vendor which owns the system that Babson College has employed for the purpose of making the urgent notifications. No identifying information (such as your name, etc.) will be provided to the third-party vendor. The third-party vendor has agreed that they have no right to use your contact information for any purpose other than notifying you via the Alert system.

Will I receive marketing text messages?  

No. The only type of message you will ever receive from Babson Emergency Alert should be either a test or actual emergency alert.

What happens if I don’t register any telephone numbers?  

For your safety, we urge you to register your cell phone or other telephone numbers. That being said, should you register only an email address(es), when an urgent notification is activated, you will receive the alert via the email account(s) you registered.

Will I get messages sent to every number I list in the system?  

Yes, in the case of an actual emergency, Babson Emergency Alert will send a voice and/or text messages to all of the devices you registered, as well as an email message to your registered email addresses.

Who won’t be able to register?  

The Emergency Alert system is intended for current faculty, staff and students, including employees of Babson College. In order to ensure timely delivery of information to people currently living, working and attending classes on campus, alumni, parents, visitors and people not affiliated with the College will not have access to register at this time.

I have additional questions/comments that have not been captured in your list. Who should I contact regarding them?  

You can email Lt. Erin Carcia of the Babson College Department of Public Safety or call 781-239-5555.