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This Year, We Will Come Together In New Ways

This year, we are connecting and engaging near and far—from classrooms, residence halls, homes and offices—with sophisticated tools for virtual collaboration and technology-enhanced learning. Whether on campus or online, we are in this together.

We must also work to safeguard our community by adhering, without exception, to safety protocols and health guidelines. Our collective health is a top priority, and strict compliance with health and safety measures is the only option if we want to remain together in-person this spring.

Fall 2021

Babson College anticipates a full return to campus for Fall 2021, including in-person classes, increased capacity in housing, and in-person social opportunities and campus activities. Planning is subject to state and local guidelines and recommended risk-mitigation strategies. Please expect frequent updates in the months ahead and visit the Information for Undergraduate Students and Information for Graduate Students pages for more information.

Information for Graduate Students
Information for Undergraduate Students
Information for International Students
Information for Faculty and Staff
Information for Visitors
Information for Boston and Miami Reopening

Testing Information

Beginning Monday, May 17, community members approved for on-campus participation will be required to test once a week. Spring varsity athletes who are still competing are required to test twice weekly. Testing remains mandatory for anyone on Babson’s campus, including those who have been vaccinated.

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COVID Dashboard »

View our COVID dashboard for information on our testing results.

We Begin Again

No matter where we are, and no matter what lies ahead, we are in this together. Together, as One Babson, we begin again.

Community Updates from President Spinelli

Dear Babson Community:

As we look towards spring, we are cautiously optimistic about the promise of vaccines and the impact of other mitigation strategies. We continue to monitor campus conditions while simultaneously planning for Summer and Fall 2021. At this time, we expect a full return to campus for Fall 2021, including in-person classes, increased capacity in housing, and in-person social opportunities and campus activities. Our planning is, of course, subject to the state and local guidelines in place as well as recommended risk mitigation strategies (such as masks, appropriate physical distance and ongoing testing requirements) upon our return. Please expect frequent updates in the months ahead.

Let me share a few updates on what to expect:

Summer 2021 Programming
The Undergraduate Summer Session will run for 10 weeks, from May 10 to July 16, with a mix of hybrid and online classes offered in day and evening formats. Graduate students should expect a mix of hybrid and online classes as well, similar to Spring semester.

Working in conjunction with state and local guidelines, the Department of Public Health, American Camp Association, and CDC guidelines, we are confident we can once again begin to open our campus to visitors of all ages. Registration for summer sports camps begins Wednesday, March 17.

Fall 2021 Academic Experience: Undergraduate and Graduate Students
For the Fall 2021 semester, both the Undergraduate and Graduate Schools plan to return to in-person classes. Given our established online and hybrid capabilities, we will continue to have these options available throughout the curriculum in accordance with the state and local guidelines and learning and instructional imperatives. Details related to registration for Fall will come shortly.

As we plan for a return to in-person instruction, we will increase classroom capacity in line with public health guidelines as we get closer to the start of the semester. We will continue to evaluate the most appropriate physical classroom configuration with an emphasis on the health and safety of students and faculty. Given that our data has indicated zero classroom transmission this year, we are confident in our ability to properly outfit the classroom for continued safety as we return to face-to-face teaching and learning.

Residential Experience
Students returning to campus can expect expanded housing offerings and more social, community and gathering opportunities—a welcomed shift to the “next normal.” The re-densification of our residence halls will be based on the published guidelines in place later this summer, though we do expect near full capacity in all buildings.

Faculty and Staff
At this time, it is our intention to begin returning faculty and staff to campus work in August. We will confirm that timing in the coming months based on current health conditions and local and state guidance, including testing requirements and risk mitigation strategies. We are also actively examining the remote activities that served the College and employees well in this year, and may be maintained moving forward. We expect to share more details in June.

The anticipated return for fall brings hope, excitement and a renewed sense of energy. Many are struggling with “Covid fatigue.” Truthfully, I am as well—but we have come this far and we must keep making progress. While our overall positivity rate has declined in recent days, we are concerned about the number of close contacts associated with positive cases. As Dean Ward communicated last week, we are prepared to make operational adjustments as needed to help safeguard our community and maintain the in-person experience.

Our goal is to open more in-person social opportunities on campus, especially as the weather improves. However, we need your cooperation. We need to see improvement in our data in the days ahead. That takes thoughtful consideration and diligent attention in your personal decision-making over the next few weeks. We intend to end this semester successfully, and look forward to being back together this fall.

My best,

Dear Babson Community:

As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of our community and monitor the expected winter weather forecast for tomorrow, Friday classes will remain 100% remote. We will return to hybrid in-person learning on Monday, February 22. Campus facilities including Trim Dining Hall, BRAC, and Horn Library will reopen tomorrow, Friday, February 19 (please note that Horn Library will open at 9am).

Pausing the in-person experience for 48 hours allowed us to effectively conduct contact tracing and isolate or quarantine individuals as required to manage the uptick in cases earlier this week. We will continue to monitor data and trends and make appropriate operational adjustments designed to help safeguard our community. Decisions continue to be made in communication with local boards of health and in consultation with our external health consultants, EHE.

As we work to safely transition back to in-person learning, all members of the Babson community must be in full compliance with our twice-weekly testing protocol in order to return to the in-person experience on Monday. If you need a test in order to be in full compliance by Monday morning, appointments are available tomorrow and the Testing Center will be open on Saturday, February 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to accommodate additional testing needs.

Over the next several days, we need all students to continue to limit travel on and off campus and diligently follow Babson's health and safety protocols, including mask wearing, physical distancing and gathering restrictions. Students with essential travel needs must complete the Travel Notification Form (if leaving Massachusetts) or the Away from Campus Notification Form (if traveling overnight within Massachusetts) located on the Compliance Portal.

The uptick in positive COVID-19 cases experienced earlier this week has been traced back to off campus gatherings. Unfortunately, there have been incidents both on and off campus where the behavior of a few has negatively impacted the experience of many. We must remain vigilant, do the right thing, and continue to support and demonstrate respect for one another. We must do better to remain together.

COVID-19 remains a dynamic and evolving challenge. Thank you for your ongoing flexibility, support, and willingness to pivot for the good of the entire Babson community—and a special thanks to those working tirelessly to keep us safe.

My best,

Dear Babson Community:

Today, we experienced a concerning uptick in positive COVID-19 cases among the Babson student community. We have traced these cases to off-campus gatherings over the last week and have concluded that we must pause and implement targeted operational interventions as we work to manage these cases and mitigate additional risk. 

These interventions will provide contact tracers time to complete their work, limit community exposure, and allow us to gather as much data as possible to inform operational decisions and any further next steps.

Beginning tomorrow, the following adjustments will be in place for a period of 48 hours to restrict movement and possible exposure to our community and others both on and off campus.

  • All undergraduate and graduate classes will be 100% remote on Wednesday, February 17 and Thursday, February 18. 
  • Undergraduate and graduate commuter students are only permitted on campus for Babson COVID-19 testing, and should continue with their regular testing cadence to stay in compliance.
  • All residential students must remain in their assigned rooms, only leaving for grab-and-go meals, scheduled testing, exercising outdoors and other essential or emergency circumstances.
  • Non essential spaces on campus will be closed and off-line including shared study spaces, common rooms, BRAC, Library etc 
  • Campus will be closed to visitors. 
  • Non-essential off campus travel is prohibited. Consult the Travel and Away policies forms available on the Compliance Portal for essential travel needs.
  • COVID-19 testing at the Babson Boston campus will be temporarily suspended while graduate classes are conducted remotely. Students with appointments in Boston should reschedule those appointments for Wellesley.
  • The shift to 100% remote learning does not apply to Miami, and the face-to-face experience scheduled for this weekend will continue as planned. 

By taking action now, we expect to be able to remain on campus and continue the in-person experience for the remainder of the semester. Our success is highly dependent on our behavior and holding each other accountable. In addition to operational shifts, we must double down on our health and safety protocols: wear a mask at all times, do not gather in groups, maintain physical distance, wash your hands, and continue with twice-weekly testing. 

Our collective behavior – especially behind closed doors – will determine our ability to remain together. Those who continue willfully to ignore health and safety protocols will be subject to disciplinary action under the Babson Student Code of Ethics.

We will continue to closely monitor data and trends, and make targeted operational adjustments designed to mitigate risk and keep our community as healthy as possible. Additional updates will be shared in the coming days. 

COVID-19 remains a profound and evolving challenge despite decreasing case numbers and increasing vaccination rates. I am grateful for your ongoing resilience, cooperation, compliance and support as we navigate this challenge together. 

My best,


Dear Babson Community:

Last week, we welcomed nearly 1,500 residential students to campus. Our residence education, student success and campus life, facilities and public safety teams managed a smooth move-in that prioritized health and safety for individuals and the community. Students quarantined pre-arrival and until receiving their first negative test result on campus. Our faculty led a successful first week of classes in the virtual environment. Through your collaboration and diligence, we are off to an encouraging start.

In-person classes will commence tomorrow. The vast majority of on-campus students have completed the two tests required for in-person activities. Any student – residential or commuter – who has not completed their second test is not cleared for in-person activities and must immediately schedule a test. As a reminder, students who are in full compliance with testing protocols will receive a Daily Campus Pass confirming their eligibility for the in-person experience. Please have your pass accessible as it may be requested at any time while on campus and is required for some locations, including BRAC.

This semester we have enhanced our health and safety protocols. These protocols are working as they should, as we quickly identified a number of positive cases and immediately moved them into quarantine or isolation. Upon completion of the arrival testing requirements, all students, as well as staff and faculty approved to work on campus, are required to test twice weekly. Recurring tests should be pre-scheduled through our new Compliance Portal. We strongly encourage you to pick your testing days (Monday through Friday) and stick to them.

We are confident in our enhanced protocols and COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines and we look forward to returning to our hybrid learning environment. There is hope on the horizon as vaccinations begin across the globe – and right here on campus for our first responders. Until then, we must remain diligent in our adherence to protocols.

Staying together this semester will require mutual respect and a steadfast commitment to behavior and compliance expectations. We will not tolerate behavior that undermines our collective efforts. I am proud of how far we have come together, and confident that with ongoing collaboration and vigilance, we will achieve continued success.

My best,