Return to Campus Again

This Year, We Will Come Together In New Ways

The Babson Testing Center has resumed normal operations and will be open today(Wednesday) from 6am to 6pm with additional capacity in place to accommodate rescheduled appointments. If you were unable to complete your test Monday, reschedule your appointment for today. If you completed a test Monday, your test will be processed but your results may be delayed. 

Community members who have received the initial two negative test results required for the in-person experience, and who have reported no symptoms of COVID-19 on their daily symptoms report, are eligible to attend class tomorrow and to be on campus as authorized. Students who have not completed the initial requirement of two negative tests are not eligible to attend in-person classes.

Please remember to schedule your tests and report your symptoms, and continue to wear a mask and maintain physical distance.

This year, we are connecting and engaging near and far—from classrooms, residence halls, homes and offices—with sophisticated tools for virtual collaboration and technology-enhanced learning. Whether on campus or online, we are in this together.

We must also work to safeguard our community by adhering, without exception, to safety protocols and health guidelines. Our collective health is a top priority, and strict compliance with health and safety measures is the only option if we want to remain together in-person this spring.

Dear Babson Community:

Last week, we welcomed nearly 1,500 residential students to campus. Our residence education, student success and campus life, facilities and public safety teams managed a smooth move-in that prioritized health and safety for individuals and the community. Students quarantined pre-arrival and until receiving their first negative test result on campus. Our faculty led a successful first week of classes in the virtual environment. Through your collaboration and diligence, we are off to an encouraging start.

In-person classes will commence tomorrow. The vast majority of on-campus students have completed the two tests required for in-person activities. Any student – residential or commuter – who has not completed their second test is not cleared for in-person activities and must immediately schedule a test. As a reminder, students who are in full compliance with testing protocols will receive a Daily Campus Pass confirming their eligibility for the in-person experience. Please have your pass accessible as it may be requested at any time while on campus and is required for some locations, including BRAC.

This semester we have enhanced our health and safety protocols. These protocols are working as they should, as we quickly identified a number of positive cases and immediately moved them into quarantine or isolation. Upon completion of the arrival testing requirements, all students, as well as staff and faculty approved to work on campus, are required to test twice weekly. Recurring tests should be pre-scheduled through our new Compliance Portal. We strongly encourage you to pick your testing days (Monday through Friday) and stick to them.

We are confident in our enhanced protocols and COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines and we look forward to returning to our hybrid learning environment. There is hope on the horizon as vaccinations begin across the globe – and right here on campus for our first responders. Until then, we must remain diligent in our adherence to protocols.

Staying together this semester will require mutual respect and a steadfast commitment to behavior and compliance expectations. We will not tolerate behavior that undermines our collective efforts. I am proud of how far we have come together, and confident that with ongoing collaboration and vigilance, we will achieve continued success.

My best,


Testing Information

To further strengthen our return to campus protocols during the first month of the semester, we are requiring all residential students, as well commuter students, to be tested twice weekly, with a minimum of 48 hours (we recommend longer if your schedule allows) between tests. The requirement to test two times per week is planned until February 15. At that time, we will assess the appropriate testing frequency for community members living, learning and working on campus.

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We Begin Again

No matter where we are, and no matter what lies ahead, we are in this together. Together, as One Babson, we begin again.