Information for Faculty and Staff

Information for Faculty and Staff

Our goal is to collaboratively ensure employees feel safe and secure while at work and to help them navigate the complexities of these challenging times.

In addition to the content on this page, please also review the Return to Campus Employee Guide (pdf).

Last updated Monday, March 29, 2021

Babson College plans to return to in-person classes for the Fall 2021 semester. At this time, it is our intention to begin returning faculty and staff to campus work in August. We will confirm that timing in the coming months based on current health conditions and local and state guidance, including testing requirements and risk-mitigation strategies. We are also actively examining the remote activities that served the College and employees well in this year and may be maintained moving forward. We expect to share more details in June.

Our phased approach for returning employees to campus is driven by the need to ensure operational continuity. Senior leaders, in concert with their managers will define the staffing patterns needed for academic and business operations. Many operations have successfully been performed in a remote format since March, and some may  continue in this mode as we transition to re-open campus.

In keeping with social distancing protocols, our workspaces should allow for distancing of 6 feet. Consider ways to minimize or eliminate touching surfaces such as propping open doors during hours of occupancy or regular business hours. The last employee to leave the area or office must close doors.

As noted the Campus Safety Protocols section, strategies across the College’s buildings are being implemented to assist in physical distancing. New ingress/egress and circulation plans have been developed for each facility, and will be communicated through a series of visual cues and signage. Limited room capacities have been established to allow for physical distancing and, in highly interactive areas such as reception desks, physical barriers or screens have been installed as an added layer of protection.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are to be reserved using the online EMS system. Use of conference rooms on an ad hoc basis is discouraged. Facilities will clean and disinfect all conference rooms every night and will provide a supply of disinfectant/cleaner and paper towels for use by occupants as needed. In the event a conference room needs additional attention, please submit a work order through Facilities.

Adhere to These Recommendations

  • No handshaking.
  • Wash hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol.
  • Bring food and beverages from home when possible.
  • Avoid using any other person’s phones, offices, or equipment.
  • A "No Congregation" protocol is in effect, therefore individuals must maintain social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from other people.

All employees planning to be on-campus will be required to participate in a daily symptoms reporting protocol.

Any campus community member with symptoms will be required to remain ‘at home’ and not engage in on-campus activities as they seek medical attention.

Employees will use a similar, HIPAA-compliant platform that provides case management support for any employee directed to self-isolate. The platform also provides support to employees who are advised to seek medical attention and quarantine.

Human Resources has created an Onboarding Canvas course for all faculty and staff. The invitation to enroll in the course was sent to all faculty; staff will receive the invitation to onboarding based on the return date as indicated by managers. Faculty must go to Canvas and enroll in the Course, "Returning to Campus: Faculty & Staff" to guide their return to campus. Note this is a state mandated training program that all employees (faculty, staff) are required to complete before returning to the campus.

All employees are required to wear face masks in accordance with CDC guidelines in all Babson College facilities and shared spaces, including outdoor spaces and while traveling across campus. This includes offices, classrooms, common areas, dining halls, and any other facility.

Per the MA Executive Order, facial coverings must be worn:

  • In all public locations whether indoors or outdoors, regardless of whether you can maintain six feet of distance.
  • While riding in a car with people who are not members of your household. 
  • While runners/walking, on or off campus.

In accordance with CDC guidelines:

  • Wear masks with two or more layers, and consider double masking, to stop the spread of COVID-19. Gaiters are not allowed as face coverings on Babson campuses.
  • Wear the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin.

All employees will be provided with two cloth face masks upon their return to campus. Employees are responsible for the care and cleaning of these items. If an employee possesses a face mask that provides coverage according to CDC guidelines, such face masks can be used in the office.

Model Classroom Attendance / Face Mask Policy for Syllabi »

Replacement cloth masks may be picked up at the Facilities building located on Sullivan Way, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Convening in groups increases the risk of viral transmission. Where feasible, meetings should be held in whole or part using the extensive range of available collaboration tools (i.e. Webex, Webex Teams, telephone, etc.).

In-person meetings should be limited and when essential must be in accordance with state and federal guidelines, and ensure participants can still maintain 6 feet of separation for social distancing requirements. Departments should remove or rearrange chairs and tables or add visual cue marks in meeting rooms to support social distancing practices between attendees.

During their time on campus, employees are encouraged to communicate with colleagues and supervisors as needed by email, telephone, or other available technology rather than face-to-face interaction.

If employees feel sick or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, they should inform their manager or supervisor, go home immediately, and contact their healthcare provider for additional guidance. Employees who have been instructed to return to the campus must conduct symptom monitoring daily before reporting to work. They must be free of ANY symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 in order to come to campus.

Sick employees should use available sick time for the period of absence. Employees who are out of work to care for a spouse, dependent child, domestic partner, or parent with flu-like symptoms should use available Family Illness time for the duration of their absence. For employees who do not have available sick or family illness time, please contact the Benefits Department by emailing

We have been working diligently to alter classrooms by mapping out capacity and social distance requirements across campus while also being mindful of the use of technology in these spaces. 

  • We have utilized a 6-foot physical separation approach to maintain social distancing.
  • Classroom capacity will be reduced to 19%-49% occupancy to accommodate social distancing.
  • Some classrooms or spaces will not be able to be utilized, as they will not be able to comply with the 6-foot separation and health and safety guidelines.
  • We have installed portable A/V equipment to allow hybrid classes in larger, nontraditional spaces.

Additionally, to accomodate room de-densification, students on campus may only be able to attend in-person class meetings every other class session, alternating with online attendance from their residence hall room, the library, etc.

Dining at Trim Dining Hall

Gathering and physical distancing guidelines will reduce seating in Trim, and there will be fewer opportunities to dine in. We are identifying locations around campus, indoors and out,
where students can eat and socialize. Trim will be open only to students at the start of the fall semester. Dining Services will reassess this policy as needed.

Trim Express Dining

Trim will be divided into two spaces to allow for more expedient service: The main dining room will be one space. A combination of Roger’s Pub and the Grill Room, being branded as Trim Xpress, will offer a faster-paced service with all foods prepackaged. Trim will be open only to students at the start of the fall semester. Dining Services will reassess this policy as needed.

Each department at the College has established a visitor protocol, and we ask that employees familiarize themselves with this prior to their guests visiting campus. This protocol applies to contracted speakers, artists, academic and official visiting delegations, and approved guests.

All visitors and suppliers are required to register DAILY online or at Public Safety before visiting any campus property. This required registration process will provide information about our protocol, including our expectations for visitors.

Scheduling appointments when engaging with others is strongly encouraged, and only urgent interactions should occur without previous planning.


The College has continued to assess travel restrictions and guidance from government agencies.  Please refer to this document, Babson College Travel Abroad and Return Policy.

Babson College prohibits domestic travel to areas affected by a domestic medical, safety, or security crisis.  A committee made up of the department’s President’s Council Member, Risk Management, and Human Resources may consider petitions. 

Petition Process

First and foremost, these guidelines will focus on the health and safety of Babson College community members.

The department manager must complete the Petition for Essential Travel form. At minimum, the following information will be included:

    • An outline of why the travel is essential to the department and to the College.
    • The names of the person or people who will travel.
    • A describtion of the mode of travel.
    • The dates of travel.
    • Contact International SOS (Babson’s travel services vendor for Domestic and International Travel) and request a Medical, Safety and Security assessment for the area(s) of intended travel (including layovers if traveling by train or plane). This assessment will provide jurisdictional and quarantine guidelines. The assessment should be included with the Petition for Essential Travel form.
    • Document how the traveler will comply with the medical, safety, and security guidelines described in the International SOS assessment. The Petition for Essential Travel form must be submitted to Risk Management ( and Human Resources ( and must be filed no less than 2 weeks prior to the intended travel.

Risk Management and Human Resources will review and make a recommendation to the department’s President’s Council Member.

Traveler Compliance

Travelers must comply with Babson College and jurisdictional guidelines related to their travel. This includes, but is not limited to, guidelines established by federal, state, city/town, Homeland Security, CDC, or WHO. These guidelines will be included in the ISOS assessment.

Travelers must book their travel through a Babson College preferred travel vendor.

Travelers should talk to their manager or the director of benefits in Human Resources if they are not comfortable traveling.

WB Mason Deliveries 

We will maintain the current process for WB Mason deliveries on campus until further notice. Delivery drivers drop off all orders in Central Receiving and community members may contact the Mail Services team at 781-239-4280 or to arrange for a time to pick up the order according to prevailing safety protocols and posted signage. 

Canon Copy Center 

The Copy Center remains open and job requests and pick up time coordination can be made by emailing or calling 781-239-5300. Like Mail Services mail pickups, accessing the Canon Copy Center must be done according to the current safety protocols and posted signage.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Individual managers will be communicating with their senior leader to determine the timeframe for their team's return to campus.

In keeping with social distancing protocols, our workspaces should allow for distancing of 6 feet. Managers have communicated specific space needs to our Facilities leadership for any requested modifications.

In addition to testing symptomatic students and those identified by our trained contact tracers as ‘close contacts’ of any student who has tested positive for COVID-19, the College will provide mass asymptomatic surveillance testing for all on-campus community members, including students, faculty, and staff. We will provide testing for all community members upon their return to campus, and will continue testing once a week until otherwise noted.

Learn more about employee testing protocls »

If you feel sick or if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please inform your manager or supervisor, go home immediately, and contact your healthcare provider for additional guidance. Employees who have been instructed to return to the campus must conduct symptom monitoring daily before reporting to work. You must be free of ANY symptoms potentially related to COVID-19.

Our Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is offered through Katherine Greer Associates (KGA) and includes resources to help you and your family members on your wellness journey. Employees have access to the EAP 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may call KGA at 1-800-648-9557, or visit KGA's website. Once at the website, you may visit as a guest or create an account.

The CDC also offers resources and recommendations if you are dealing with stress and anxiety during this time.